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Customer Support & Ordering Process

never asked any questions - can't say something about customer support. I never had any issues through all my experieces with them. ordering process was fine each time. fast ordering and clear information stated.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

i received my order within 3 days each time i ordered from them which is super fast and i am really happy with such a fast delivery. i can assume they are dispatching same day which is why i love this source's shipping policy so much. packaging was good too. items were sent in a way so they won't be damaged during transit. everything i ordered was in the same parcel (but i didn't had a huge order) so i fully received my order fast.

Products Ordered

i ordered various different sarms i had multiple experiences with them. anyway, i used:
mk-2866 ostarine
andarine s-4

Product Effects

i think their products are extremely good which is why i keep ordering from them multiple times. I remember the first cycle which lasted a few weeks when i firstly added their sarms - i had huge results. in the end, i think they are offering high quality sarms solutions that works wonders and therefore they are definitely offering quality products.
i personally am getting stronger with their sarms, i can see it through my weekly gym routine. i'm also having great results in the amount of muscles i add.


in conclusion i can recommend chemyo as i am sure they are offering legitimate sarms that are working wonders. they have fast shipping and overall i had great experience with them. i noticed there are a lot of people who shared same experience and that's no wonder.

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