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ordering process super fast and easy and customer support great and nice. all my emails were answered fast

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my items were discreetly packaged and all of them were present, no items missing. delivery in USA took some days only

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Andarine S4 solution
YK-11 solution

Product Effects

i have used their products and the andarine s4 is great. i did loved how it worked for me. i used 50 mg (one ml) a day in 2 doses. within a matter of weeks i did noticed a significant increase in strength.
all this time i combined YK-11 10 mg (one ml) a day in 2 doses.


Chemyo is a really good source of SARMs, no wonder there are good reviews about it and i'm about to add another one. I agree with many others with the fact that prices would be nice to be lower, yet, let's not forget about the quality of their products which is indeed high. all in all, this is a really good source i would recommend!

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Yes, I do!
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