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    can't i use sr9009 once a day?

    that's a standard dosage? ty man
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    hello again

    hi there. it's been a while since i've posted here, how y'all doing?
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    asking about sources

    to my understanding, we can't (and shouldn't) be asking for recommendations about sources? I mean, it's not clearly stated in the Forum Rules here...
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    can't i use sr9009 once a day?

    i've heard it comes with short half live. can't i use it just once a day?
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    ACP with SR

    exactly the type of cycle i want to use right now
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    how to dose sr9009 and rad140?

    first off, I want body recomp. I mean, lose fat and gain muscle. second, I want to know if these two compounds stack well. third, how to dose them? I want to have a better understanding of how to use these two for my goals.
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    finally found my source

    tried ordering from a source and got my stuff that seems to work fine.
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    Sarms for someone predisposed to heart issues

    not an expert, but aren't all PEDs bad for your heart? I assume he should eat healthy foods for his heart and remain active. but as said... not sure.
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    yeah it's real. i got scammed as i said. so make sure you know where you're getting your sarms from. I am now searching for some good sources. lol
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    Hello guy

    thanks. I want to have decent amount of muscle mass with some fat loss. looking to get a good sarms rouce. you guys know any?
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    Use on full or empty stomach?

    thanks guys. then it seems like I got scammed. will check more carefully where I'm buying SARMs from and will use them on empty stomach. do you have some source recommendations?
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    Hello guy

    thanks man :)
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    Use on full or empty stomach?

    i've been told i should use on full stomach to avoid liver and stomach issue. could it have been the reason why my sarms didn't work?
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    seems like i was lucky, lol
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    Hello guy

    Hi. Looking forward to learning more about SARMs so wanted to talk with you guys.
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    yes i did got fake products. and I know it was fake because i got nothing out of using them