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    Bodybuilders use SARMs?

    is there such a big difference between sarms and steroids as people talk about?
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    Use on full or empty stomach?

    sorry about that. but they were working well otherwise? asking because maybe that was some bunk?
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    MK 677 Veterans?

    I did started SARM cycle but not with mk677. using lgd, rad and yk for growing. will go for mk too
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    pills (caps) vs liquid sarms

    been using pills too and they do actually work
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    How to Take SARMS?

    agree with Paul, great thread man
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    s4 & gw

    haven't tried any of them, but thinking about andarine. also heard good stuff about it when u wanna grow but stay lean
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    I received my first order from today so I wanted to say big thanks. To be honest, I was a bit scared initially. But these guys were always active in answering all my messages and this helped me reduce anxiety. Through the entire ordering process the customer support team was highly...
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    Use on full or empty stomach?

    using sarms with food is going to be a waste. not a complete waste, but why use them then? u'll have to spend less as you'll need less for same benefits
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    What’s the Best SARM For Beginner?

    definitely could try it out. a lot of bodybuilders don't use GW as a SARM or performance enhancer but rather for protection from damages of steroids and therapeutic benefits . It's great stuff
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    how to take sarms for bulking?

    Yes, I totally agree with ganzoma. Your best bet is LGD4033 and/or RAD140. Your highest chance of success. He is also right in the fact that you can’t achieve Coleman’s physique without Coleman’s training plan, diets and, unfortunately, genetics too.
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    do you think s23 is better than rad140 at growing muscles?

    that's what i was thinking too
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    hello yall

    thanks for tips
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    hello yall

    my first cycle was LGD4033. I gained about 15 lbs but like 7 lbs or so were water gains. lost them soon after cycle. that's because i tried to gain as much as possible so i had some kind of a dirty bulk diet during those 8 weeks. then later i tried RAD140 and i gained around 10 lbs during the 8...
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    sarms for non bodybuilders

    I'm lifting and SARMs were extremely helpful for me, but I think that they can be extremely helpful for non bodybuilders too. I'm noway a bodybuilder - just want to grow muscles and become stronger. and SARMs greatly helped me. If you want to become stronger and have more endurance (which helped...
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    do you think s23 is better than rad140 at growing muscles?

    for me i think that lgd is better at hypertrophy (growing muscles), but rad is better for going stronger... or maybe due to my diet? idk...
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    What’s the Best SARM For Beginner?

    i thought about a similar thing... my first sarm was ligandrol and i think it was awesome for bulking. i read that ostarine isn't as good for bulking purposes
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    Bodybuilders use SARMs?

    considering the amount of muscles i packed on with them, it's no wonder
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    hello yall

    similar situation. my gym buddy introduced me to sarms after i was telling he's on roids. no wonder - he buffed so quickly. turns out it was sarms. now i buffed up too. ahaha
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    SARMS Trade / Brand Names

    that's what i was thinking too, ahahah
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    do you think s23 is better than rad140 at growing muscles?

    haven't tried s23 but both ligandrol and testolone are awesome at growing muscles.