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Customer Support & Ordering Process

had some payment issues. customer support wasn't very informative. had to figure it out myself. nonetheless, they still answered my questions, didn't disappeared as i thought they would.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

delivery was fairly fast. packaging good.

Products Ordered

ordered liquid SARMs for bulking YK 11 and RAD 140

Product Effects

mediocre to my opinion. in the past i used other sarms that seemed to be more helpful. liquid sarms that are not so helpful as i thought they would be, plus i had to spend some money for them. i increased strength and got some gains, but they could be achieved naturally. can't say is bulk, but can't say is best i've tried.


i can't say that i do not recommend this supplier but in the same time i can't say i recommend it. they do ship sarms liquids of mediocre price and mediocre quality. not bunk - not perfect. yet, if you still need some sarms and there's nowhere to go - they can help.

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Yes, I do!
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