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Customer Support & Ordering Process

The customer support was outstanding and messages were answered rapidly. I found the website easy to use and they accept PayPal which is amazing. I ordered on a Friday night late and received my order in the post on Monday morning which seems really efficient.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

The packaging was as to be expected. It came bubble wrapped in a padded envelope which is sufficient to get to me in good order.

Products Ordered

I ordered 2 bottles of RAD-140 and 1 bottle of LGD-4033.

Product Effects

I have used the products now for 30 days at 1.5ml of RAD-140 and 1ml of LGD-4033. My strength gains have been off the chart. I had plateaued in my gains before using these products. I would say I have gained a lot of lean body mass and slightly cut my body fat which had become almost impossible before even with a good diet. I have already ordered more so that I can keep my cycle going for longer. My strength has also gone up, I thought I had got to the stage where I could not get any stronger.


I am super pleased with Ligand chem, their products, their customer service, and my gains. They have surpassed what I have expected and I will only ever use them for my SARMS in the future. I know what I have been sold is genuine and has worked amazingly, in fact better than expected. I can fully recommend this company and their products.

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Yes, I do!
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