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Customer Support & Ordering Process

The ordering process was pretty normal as you expect. I payed by credit card, I got an email to say my order was dispatched that day and the next day it turned up. I did not use their free standard delivery I paid the small price of £3 for next day delivery and they did not disappoint.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

As I said delivery came the day after ordering which was awesome. The packaging was discrete which was great as I did not want my girlfriend to know I was using SARMs. It was a bubble envelope and liquid SARMs individually wrapped in bubble wrap so pretty standard and effective.

Products Ordered

I ordered 2xMK677, MK2866 and LGD4033.

Product Effects

The products are genuine for sure. I took 10mg of LGD a day 25mg of MK2866 a day and 25mg of MK677.
The MK677 did cause me to feel tired and hungry which shows it is genuine I used it at night which helped me sleep. I had some serious gains in what I could lift my motivation for the gym also increased a good amount. My weight went up by 9 pounds of muscle which is awesome for such a short period of time. Unfortunately I did not do any measurements of the size of my biceps or thighs so can't give exact increases in size but my mates say I look a lot bigger.


What I ordered worked for me. They do not taste great to be honest but I countered that by taking them with some milk. I have heard all SARMs taste terrible and these certainly did but SARMs tablets are less effective than liquid so it was worth it. I gained 9 pounds of muscle over my cycle. I have a writhings scales that measures muscle and fat mass so I know this is correct. My bench press went up by 15kg and I thought I had maxed out for ever but this really helped. The MK677 did make me sleepy so I took it at night. I also got some great muscle pumps which I really loved. I 100% recommend this company and their products.

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Yes, I do!
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