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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Customer support was really good. I was offered great advice for my research. The ordering was really easy as you would expect from a website. Their website was very easy to use and follow.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Delivery was the next working day. I ordered very early Saturday morning and my order turned up Monday. The packaging was plain and simple which was great as I didn't want to attract attention to what I had ordered.

Products Ordered

I ordered SR9009 and MK677 to help with cutting and keeping gains while off cycle.

Product Effects

The products definitely worked as I lost enough body fat to get back my 6 pack over a 9 week cycle and kept my size around my arms, legs and chest. I used 25mg a day of mk677 and 15mg a day of sr9009. It also seemed easier on the rowing machine.


I am very impressed with their products, the effects, the professionalism, support, and delivery. Its exactly what you pay for. Maybe not the cheapest out there by only a couple of pounds but value for money is outstanding as what you buy is in my opinion the best on the market and support you get is also right up there.

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Yes, I do!
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