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MelanotanExpress is a leading peptide supplier offering the highest quality American made peptides at the lowest possible prices. This is a manufacturer and supplier of many different compounds and they claim that customers can always depend on at least 99% or higher purity products they sell.

  • Important! You need to know that is not affiliated with We’re a source that tries to help potential customers find their perfect source of SARMs. Too many sources offer bunk compounds and that’s a big problem!

The company Melanotan Express suggests offering worldwide delivery and free delivery in the USA for bigger orders. Nonetheless, they do not ship to some countries. According to the information on, they are only offering the best quality products for sale.

This company seems to be more focused on selling Melanotan (as the name suggests) and other peptides. But we still write a review about it taking into consideration that they also offer SARMs for sale.

MelanotanExpress indicated that they are headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. They suggest that the manufacturing process ensures the strictest quality control. They are incorporating the latest technologies in HPLC and Mass Spectroscopy testing.

In the end, the company claims to suggest they make sure their customers not only receive the highest quality products delivered quickly right to your door, but they also offer the best customer experience. All along with competitive pricing and great selection. All of this makes them the number one supplier of many popular peptides. Assumingly, SARMs and other types of products too. Summary

MelanotanExpress is a company that is selling and manufacturing Peptides but various other compounds as well, for example – SARMs. Melanotan Express is located in Miami Beach, FL, USA and they claim to offer the best quality products for the best prices. They claim to offer worldwide shipping (with exception of some countries), convenient payment methods, and the best customer support team.

It does look as if the company is legitimate. At least, vendors that are not legit wouldn’t share their exact address and phone number. And it does look as if they have a lot of different products for sale. Generally, there are some positive aspects.

Nonetheless, there are quite some issues we noticed when closely checking as a SARM supplier. For example, there are no third party lab test results for their extremely expensive SARMs. Plus to that, we don’t love the fact that they lie. MelanotanExpress claims to offer worldwide shipping, but you can’t choose shipping anywhere else other than the USA. Advantages

  • Seems legit company from the USA
  • Lots of products to choose from (but not enough SARMs)
  • Some positive reviews Disadvantages

  • No 3rd party lab testing results
  • Huge prices for SARMs
  • Only 6 different liquid SARMs

Disclaimer is not selling SARMs and is not recommending their use. In fact, the use of SARMs in humans is prohibited. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are intended for research purposes only, despite the fact that there are so many people claiming to have such good results for their physique and performance enhancement purposes. Our website is not responsible for anyone using them irresponsibly. is only an informational website trying to help customers to find trustworthy sources of SARMs and indicating those that are most likely scamming. We do not recommend the use of SARMs and we’re not having a partnership with any SARMs stores.

The ultimate decision of where to buy SARMs and how to use them is up to each person, does not have control over this and cannot be held guilty for someone using SARMs irresponsible or purchasing SARMs from a source and being scammed. Website Usability

When we talk about website overview and usability we check how the website is performing technically and how pleasant and easy is to navigate through it. That’s why we check the following main factors:

  • Design of site (how pleasant is to the eye)
  • Reload speed of pages
  • How is the navigation process
  • Are there any suspicious links or viruses
  • How easy and fast you can navigate
  • Is there any missing information
  • And some other factors

We analyzed the website and overall, it does seem like a well made site. Everything earlier mentioned was on point. No annoying banners or viruses. Information well displayed. You can quickly navigate and find whatever you need. Most importantly – can place an order fast.

Customers can order here safely too as they have Norton Shopping Guarantee security. Therefore, the site is secure and pleasant to use. That’s great because it enhances the shopping experience of potential customers. Unlike a poorly made site that may interfere with your ordering process.

You can also register here if you wish (but it is not mandatory for placing an order) to simplify the further ordering process. All pages work well and everything seems to be just fine. The only “downside” of the website usability (which is seriously not a big problem) – claims you can follow their activity on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sadly, the Facebook link doesn’t work for whatever reason.

To sum up, overall website usability and navigation are great. We can say that it is almost flawless.

  • PS: Their SARMs are not categorized separately and you have to manually look for them among various different products. We don’t consider this a big issue though. Especially because Melanotan Express is not a store focused on selling SARMs. Product Availability

Under the “Shop” on the website, you can notice there are different categories such as:

  • Catalog Peptides
  • Kits and Bundles
  • SARMS and Liquid Research Chems
  • Peptide Blends and Diluents
  • Wholesale and Bulk

With this being said, the SARMs are categorized alongside other liquid chemicals and you can also buy peptides here too. Checking each category we noticed that they seem to have a lot of different peptides (obviously, including Melanotan) – more than 24 products. In short, if you’re searching for peptides, there’s a high chance you would find whatever you need here.

All other products are found in SARMS and Liquid Research Chems. With this being said, absolutely all products you can find here are only in the form of liquid. There is no encapsulated or powder form SARMs or other products.

Anyway, it seems you can find lots of different liquid compounds except for SARMs. Compounds for a lot of different needs such as:

  • Clenbuterol
  • Finasteride
  • Clomiphene
  • Anastrozole
  • Ketotifen
  • Pramipexole
  • Noopept
  • Sildenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Yohimbine
  • And there are lots of others.

So far, the product availability seems good, except for the fact that all products are exclusively in the form of liquid only.

Now we analyzed the available SARMs at and here’s what we found:

  • YK-11
  • SR9009
  • GW-501516 Cardarine
  • MK-677
  • RAD-140
  • S4 Andarine (2 versions, of 25 mg and 50 mg per ml)

There are also 2 other SARMs that are considered “less popular”

So, it seems you can find quite a good amount of SARMs, but there are missing some really popular ones such as MK-2866; S23, and LGD-4033.

Is strange the company decided to manufacture less popular SARMs but they don’t offer the more popular ones.

In the end, product availability is fairly good, but with some drawbacks. SARMs Prices

We analyze the SARMs prices only and we compare those prices with the prices from other SARMs vendors we reviewed so far. Then consider the total price and total SARM amount.

So well, all their SARMs are coming as liquids in bottles of 30 ml, with different prices and different amounts of the compound per ml. To be honest, the prices are quite disappointing. They are not the worst prices we’ve ever seen for SARMs, but definitely not among the best.

For example: S4 comes as a 25 mg/ml version and 50 mg/ml version. Prices are $54.99 and $74.99 accordingly. The 50mg/ml version is cheaper, yet you still need to pay 75 USD for 1500 mg of S4 and that’s quite a high price.

All other SARMs have a high price in our opinion too. Example: MK-677 25mg/ml @ 30 ml is 79 USD. Too high price for only 750 mg of MK-677.

Plus to that, the price for RAD-140 seems to be even worse = $62.25 for 300 mg only as it comes as a 10mg/ml @ 30 ml bottle.

Again, these might not be the worst prices for SARMS, but they are far from the best ones either. We can’t recommend ordering SARMs from as you would simply pay too much! Third Party Laboratory Results of Products

According to the information on the website of, all the products are ISO 9001 certified quality. They also claim that products are tested to ensure customers receive the best quality products on the market.

However, by analyzing the site, we couldn’t find any third party lab results.

This is pretty alarming in our opinion because all SARMs vendors should provide these tests to their customers. 3rd party lab test results shared are the only way to be sure that the products are actually of high quality and 100% purity. This is the way you can avoid getting bunk products.

Unfortunately, Melanotan Express doesn’t offer these tests to customers. There’s a risk that the quality of products won’t be quite as expected. Shipping and Returns Policies

The helpful information on the FAQ page of this supplier suggests that most orders are processed the same day and shipped the following day. They are shipping from within the USA and they use USPS (United States Postal Service) to deliver the products. They claim not to offer shipping to certain countries (about 10 different countries).

We went to their checkout page to find out more information and noticed they offer 2 shipping methods:

  • First class (approx. 3-6 days with tracking) that costs 6.50 USD
  • 2 days Priority (approx. 2-3 days with tracking) that costs 13.50 USD

Free priority shipping is offered to all US orders over $150!

But we were disappointed to see that they do not offer shipping anywhere else outside the USA. Yet, the company claims not to offer to ship only to specific countries.

  • In the end, it looks like you can order from only if you’re in the USA. At least, the shipping policy seems to be good enough.

But the returns policy is what alarms us even more. They claim that they do not accept returns or refunds on products sold. But they suggest that if a product doesn’t meet 99% purity – they will accept a replacement.

Is sad that Melanotan Express doesn’t accept returns and they don’t offer shipping anywhere else other than the USA. Payment Methods

The FAQ page information suggests that payment options accepted are:payment-methods-melanotanexpress

  • E-check
  • Money Orders
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Bitcoin

On the checkout page, it seems like the same payment methods are listed.

Is good that potential customers have various methods to choose from.

  • PS: It would be even better if they would accept credit cards as it remains the most popular form of payment. However, this payment option is not provided by all SARM suppliers. Customer Support Team

This is where seems to be absolutely flawless. They shared the exact address of the headquarters located in Miami Beach, FL, USA all along with the email address and option to fill up the contact form on their site.

But if that’s all not enough, Melanotan Express is a company that is ready to answer your phone calls 24H at the provided phone number. So, if you have something to ask and want to get immediate responses – use the always-available phone number.


It seems like there are enough methods to get in touch with the customer support team. Everyone is very likely to get answers fast and effortlessly. Customer Reviews

The customer reviews about can be found on their own page at “REVIEWS”. They suggest that there are 73 different reviews all of which rated this company 5 stars out of 5. They claim that these reviews are provided by YOTPO.

What’s strange though – absolutely all reviews are 5 stars only and they are all extremely short. But what alarms us even more – there are some reviews suggesting they are “ON 30 ml Bacteriostatic Water” and they have “great experience”. On bacteriostatic water? This makes us think that the reviews are fake or paid. In whatever the case – not trustworthy.


We researched for customer reviews about on other websites and on Reddit, we noticed there are 2 positive reviews. But then again – they are alarming too, written in the same manner as the reviews on the site. They are extremely short and non informative. For example “This is effective”. What exactly? Then there’s “This project”.

The project is working well… that’s just nonsense.

It may be that we’re just paranoid. But the reviews about Melanotan Express are looking fishy.

We’re not sure if we should consider this a “positive” or a “negative” about Anyway, we hope we’re just paranoid and people actually had positive reviews with this store.


MelanotanExpress is a US based company that is focused on manufacturing and supplying Peptides including many other compounds for different purposes. SARMs are among them, that’s why this store ended up being reviewed by us. The company has a lot of products and seems to be legitimate. Customers can easily order here with convenient payment methods.

Nevertheless, they claim to offer shipping worldwide with exception of some countries and claim that all products are tested. Nonetheless, the shipping is offered only to USA customers as no other countries are listed and plus – there are no third party lab tests shared.


Among the positives of this supplier, we can mention their well made website, convenient payment methods, and methods to get in touch with customer support. Multiple things make us think they are an actual legitimate company. They offer many different products you can choose from too.


But there are a lot of negatives that make us alarmed. The reviews seem fishy, with no test results for the products proving they are of high quality, and SARMs are overpriced compared to many other SARMs vendors. Additionally, they do not accept returns, and shipping is offered only if you live in the USA.


Since you find this “good looking” website that seems legit and with some positive customer reviews – you may be tempted to order here. However, because of the negatives of this vendor, we suggest you search for other SARMs vendors. The top rated stores are much likely to help you get the required SARMs in better conditions.

  • PS: We’re still confused about customer reviews. They seem to be positive, but they are somewhat fishy and dubious. We would greatly appreciate it if you could write your own customer review about this supplier if you ever had an experience with it. Reviews

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not only was this not liquid arimidex im strongly questioning what it actually was now. experienced insane anxiety for a week after taking TWO drops of it. had to be clenbuterol or some high powered stimulant. people like this are to not be trusted. this source should be shut down.



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