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SARMS UK is a company that is obviously based in UK and is obviously focused in selling SARMs – that’s quite obvious simply by analyzing their site name. They are manufacturing SARMs and are selling them worldwide. According to information on their site, SARMs products you can find there contain informative descriptions about all the selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) that are currently available on their site. Therefore, customers can learn about as well as buy different SARMs for sale.

SARMS UK claims to offer information that is backed up by science in order to cover all the key areas and therefore, customers are capable to find all the required information about different SARMs for sale available on their site in the UK – as they claim – for research purposes. They consider that learning about SARMs is very important as you know the potential benefits when talking about areas impacted by user specific factors like diet, weight, fitness, and physical activity, and this way, the potential customers can consider improving the results provided by a SARM.

We agree with that, but we also consider that information is not enough, not even claims and promises made by a SARMs supplier. We are here to review this UK SARMs store and hopefully, they would turn out to be a worthy store.

  • Readers should be informed that has nothing to do with – we’re not their affiliate working together, nor we want to blemish this source. We’re just writing honest reviews about SARMs vendors and today, we write it about

Customers are able to buy SARMs online regardless where they live, however, not all SARMs for sale online are offering the exact same quality standards. That’s what is mentioned on their site and that’s actually true. They recommend to avoid buying poor quality products and buy them from reputable sellers, recommending to buy them from general marketplaces online like eBay or Amazon – something we also agree.

They recommend to buy SARMs for sale from as they claim to be an UK SARMs store specialized in offering the purest SARMs research chemicals for professional study. That’s what we would analyze today and determine, through various factors, whether is that true or not.

The factors that we are going to check and write them down here in details about are: Website Usability; Product Availability; SARMs prices; Third Party Lab Tests; Payment Options; Shipping and Return Policies; Customer Support as well as Customer Reviews and others. With their help, we would try to have a conclusion and help you – a potential customer of SARMs - understand whether or not is worth doing business with this specific SARMs supplier. Summary

sarms-uk-logo is an online supplier of SARMs for sale that is headquartered in UK and more specifically - Suite 31392, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN – at least, according to the information on their contact page.

Is amazing when a source keeps their promises and is even better when everything is top notch quality. Taken in consideration that we’re talking about SARMs industry – there are not too many drawbacks and mistakes that can be forgiven, otherwise you risk with your money and maybe even with your health because we know there are lots of people who use SARMs for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement. does seem to have some advantages that we managed to find through a quick check through their site. Some of the things that can be mentioned are: SARMS UK offers worldwide shipping of SARMs that indeed seem to be for sale, at least, prices for SARMs are better compared to many sources of SARMs out there. But, except for that, there are not too many advantages that are worth mentioning here.

We found quite a good number of disadvantages about which we hope they are going to disappear / change soon. Some notable ones include: doesn’t accept returns and that’s a huge problem when is combined with the fact that they don’t offer any lab test results. Buying SARMs without 3rd party lab tests is a big risks, and in case something goes wrong – you can’t even return those items back. There are also various other issues we managed to find too. Advantages

  • Offers shipping all over the world with decent shipping fees
  • Not best SARMs prices, but definitely much better compared to other sources
  • You can buy ACP-105, a SARM that is not very easy to find Disadvantages

  • Returns are not accepted under no circumstances
  • No third party lab tests results
  • Absolutely no customer reviews

Disclaimer is not selling SARMs and is not recommending their use. In fact, the use of SARMs in humans is prohibited. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are intended for research purpose only, despite the fact that there are so many people claiming to have so good results for their physique and performance enhancement purposes. Our website is not responsible for anyone using them irresponsible. is only an informational website trying to help customers into finding trustworthy sources of SARMs and indicating those that are most likely scamming. We do not recommend the use of SARMs and we’re not having partnership with any SARMs stores.

The ultimate decision where to buy SARMs and how to use them for is up to each person, does not have control on this and cannot be held guilty for someone using SARMs irresponsible or purchasing SARMs from a source and being scammed. Website Usability


We accessed the website and to be honest, it really gives the impression of a very good website, at least at first glance. The site’s layout looks really fresh, professionally made design, no annoying banners or some misplaced information that is hard to read.

Generally, their website seems to be fairly good as much as it seemed like in the first minutes of browsing through it. Especially taken in consideration that there are not dangerous links that may expose your sensitive information and the reload speed of pages is really good.currency-sarmsuk

  • Plus to that, since they are UK based company, the prices are displayed in GBP and you can switch them to EURO if needed. However, unfortunately, we couldn’t switch them to USD.

Nonetheless, we still found some issues about the website usability of that we simply can’t ignore as they are either misinforming or confusing.

  • First thing to mention is that they do not have an About Us page and whilst that’s not a big problem, we were alarmed to see that their Frequently Asked Questions page is having some questions, but no answers. In addition to that, we found out on Terms and Conditions page information about another website. This should be changed immediately!


  • Other than that, there are some clickable elements on their site that are not doing anything when clicked.

All of these issues might not be a big problem, but that’s still somehow strange.

Other than that, everything seems to be alright, with well displayed information, availability to register and login (but not mandatory for ordering) and different pages. Pretty fast and securely, we managed to find some information (not all information that we required, since FAQ page is useless) and we managed to reach the checkout page ready to place an order.


In the end, the usability of website seems to be easy, you can safely browse here and is overall pleasant for the eye. Nonetheless, there are some issues that should try solving as soon as possible. Product Availability

As soon as you enter the website – you can find all the products available on this site. We are not even sure why there’s the search option for products taken in consideration that you can find all the items available on under “shop by department”.

There are displayed 9 different SARMs and except for them, you can’t buy anything else. All SARMs are coming in form of capsules, in bottles of 90 capsules per bottle. Strength per pill depends on each SARMs

So, as much as it looks like, you can’t buy anything else at except for 9 different encapsulated SARMs – all of which are displayed under “shop by department” or you can find them below on their main page.

They offer the following SARMs:

  • Andarine S4
  • Cardarine GW-501516
  • Ostarine MK-2866
  • Testolone RAD-140
  • Ligandrol LGD-4033
  • Ibutamoren MK-677
  • Stenabolic SR-9009
  • Myostine YK-11
  • ACP-105

We think that’s great they are offering ACP-105, a SARM that you can’t find on all SARMs supplier, so if you’re in search specifically for this SARM and you have a hard time finding it, might help you.


Nonetheless, there are various things that we don’t love about the product availability of and that’s the fact that you can’t buy anything else than encapsulated SARMs (no liquid and powder form), you can’t buy anything else than specifically SARMs and as much as we know – a lot of people are searching for various different compounds when they search for SARMs (like SERMs, AIs and many others).


Whilst these are not big issues taken in consideration we are SARMs focused, we also noticed this source is not offering a very popular SARM: S23. This means that in case you need this specific SARM, you should search for another SARMs vendor.

In the end, is good that offers 9 different encapsulated SARMs, but adding S23, adding powders and liquid SARMs as well as a few other chemicals that are of great interest to people searching for SARMs would make it perfect. SARMs Prices

As much as you can remember being mentioned earlier in this post, is a UK based company and therefore, the prices are displayed in GBP and they can only be changed in EURO. There’s no availability to change to USD. We would use google to convert the currency and be able to compare the SARMs prices at SARMS UK with other SARMs suppliers.

As much as it looks like, all the SARMs are priced between 39 GBP and 60 GBP and that’s anywhere between 54 USD and 83 USD. As said, all come in bottles of 90 capsules with different strength per capsule.


We analyzed the prices by taken in consideration their prices in USD, the amount of capsules as well as the strength per capsule to determine the overall price of the SARMs in terms of overall dosage vs overall price.

  • For example, there is Cardarine GW-501516 with 10 mg per capsule, 90 capsules, costs 45 GBP or roughly 62 USD. That means you need to spend 62 USD for a total of 900 mg of Cardarine which we find it a really good price.
  • Another example is Testolone RAD-140 with 5 mg per capsule, 90 capsules costs 50  GBP or roughly 69 USD. This means that for a total of 450 mg of Testolone, you are going to spend 69 USD which isn’t such a good price to our opinion, but is still fairly good, especially compared to other source.
  • Other example: Stenabolic SR9009 – 8 mg per capsule, 90 capsules and 60 GBP. It means that you’ve got to spend 83 USD for a total of 720 mg of Stenabolic which is not the best price we’ve seen, yet still fairly good.


Despite the fact that prices for SARMs at SARMS UK are not the absolute best we’ve seen (although for some specific SARMs they are just amazing), they are definitely among the best. Some other SARMs sources might save you a little bit more money compared to, yet this supplier is still great in terms of prices compared to other sources. Coupon Codes and Discounts

We’ve been researching if there are some ways to save money because other sources that have same or even better prices for SARMs are still offering methods to save money even more. We’ve been researching for this on and we found out that they do have coupon codes which can be applied before or during checkout.


Not sure where to get those codes, but we can assume that you either need to register, either sign up to their newsletter or to have a first order to receive the coupon code which would save you money.

Except for the coupon codes, we found out that they are offering 10% discount for the bank transfer payment method and for the bitcoins payment method too.


Is good they offer some additional discounts, but as much as we saw compared to other sources – there could be way better and way more methods of saving you even more money when buy SARMs for sale compared to SARMS UK. Third Party Lab Tests Results

According to the information we managed to find on their website, is offering best quality SARMs, as they claim, nonetheless, there’s nothing to prove this. We were not able to find any form of laboratory tests for their SARMs proving they are best quality as promised.

To our opinion – third party lab tests results (Certificate of Analysis and tests conducted by independent laboratory companies) are extremely important because they are pretty much the only thing that would prove the quality of SARMs.

We can’t recommend a source without offering COAs because talking about SARMs industry – is too risky that the quality/ purity/ amount of SARMs etc. isn’t going to be what is promised. There are too many sources offering fake/ counterfeit SARMs and too many customers claiming they were scammed.

We can’t have full trust in SARMs offered by without third party lab tests results, despite the prices for SARMs being pretty good.

SARMS UK Shipping and Return Policy

There is a “shipping information” page and that’s quite obviously what we accessed when searching for this type of information. As much as it looks like, they have 2 shipping methods for UK customers and one shipping method for all other countries.

They seem to offer worldwide shipping and seemingly – all orders are offered tracking number.

  • International shipping costs 13 GBP or roughly 18 USD which is not that much, yet, other SARMs suppliers either offer faster/ cheaper or even free shipping to USA (the USA based ones, commonly).

They claim that the shipping times are estimated! Check the information about shipping costs and delivery times from their website below:


In the end, the shipping policy is quite standard, nothing exceptional, nothing really bad. We just miss the free shipping option, especially if you aim for larger orders.

As in terms of returns, refunds and replacements at – we don’t love it at all. Here’s what we managed to find on their shipping information page:

“Due to the nature of our business, we do not offer any return policy and all sales are final, no exceptions.”


We understand what they try to say by “nature of their business”, yet many other sources in same nature still accept returns. should reconsider their return policy to our opinion.

SARMS UK Payment Methods

As earlier mentioned, the FAQ page on is empty, but they do have the payment methods page where we accessed and found out their claim to accept:

  • Visa & MasterCard – Credit & Debit Cards Accepted
  • National Bank Transfer with Lloyds Bank – As you know UK>UK bank transfer are instant so no delays. (10% Discount)
  • International Bank Transfer – EU>UK normally arrived within 4 to 24 hours, however some can take 48 hours to arrive in our account. (10% Discount)
  • Bitcoin Payment – Bitcoin transactions take 2 confirmation on the block chain so orders approx 15-25 mins to be approved in our system. (15% Discount)


What is strange, they claim to offer discount of 15% on bitcoin payments on this page, but we noticed on the banner only 10% discount. That’s quite confusing.discounts-sarmsuk

Anyway, to check the payment methods we went to the checkout page where regardless of the country we chose – we were displayed only 2 forms of payments: Bitcoin and Bank Transfer Payment.


As much as we can see, there are no credit cards accepted as they claimed and we wonder why to make a false claim? In whatever the case, too much confusing information and not enough payment methods.

Is good they have at least 2 different payment options, but that’s not enough and information is confusing at Customer Support Team

In order to find out the methods how a potential customer may get in touch with this company, we’ve accessed their contact page where we noticed you can leave an email through the contact form online or you could directly write them at the shared email address which is basically the same.

Except for this, they shared the exact address of their company (even with a google maps) which can be used to write a mail, or, if you wish and can do it – go in there in person during their opening hours.


Except for that, there are no other methods to talk with their customer support team to get answers. That’s sad there is no live chat or a phone number that’s going to offer instant answers if you need them. You would be required to wait for a while until receiving an answer after asking your questions. Customer Reviews

We have tried our best to find some customer reviews about but unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any reviews at all, not on their own website, nor on third party websites. We noticed that under each product you can find “reviews” but there are no reviews under any products.


Reviewing websites online or forums also display no information about for whatever the reason.

We think that is better a source without customer reviews than a SARMs source with fake customer reviews, yet, no customer reviews is still not good.

This SARMs company should consider a strategy in order to make customers write reviews about their store and products in order to make other potential customers have a better idea what to expect from this store.

In the end, is hard to recommend a SARMs store that is having absolutely no customer reviews. This indicates the store is either new (and new stores are with higher risks of disappearing overnight), either there’s nothing good about the store. Conclusion is a SARMs merchant that seem to offer pretty good prices for their 9 different encapsulated SARMs sold on the website, however, those SARMs have no 3rd party lab tests. This is a UK based company claiming to offer best SARMs and they even shared an exact address of company.

When you just enter their website, SARMS UK seems to be fairly good taken in consideration they have good claims and promises, good looking brand of SARMs as capsules and a good looking website design and layout of site. But there are still too many drawbacks about it. Pros

Taken in consideration that shared their exact address in UK is very good, all along with the fact that customers can buy SARMs all over the world and they even can buy encapsulated SARMs alongside with a hard-to-find SARM: ACP-105. The prices for SARMs here are fairly good with professionally made website and branding of products. Cons

As said, the website is professionally made – but only in terms of how it looks. A lot of missing information and non working clickable elements on site with a lot of confusing information (such as different names of sites, claims to accept credit cards whilst they don’t etc.). We do not love that doesn’t have anything else than just SARMs, and even missing S23, they are having no customer reviews anywhere online and what’s even worse – no third party lab tests and in case the SARMs turn out to be low quality – no ability to return them back as they don’t accept returns.


They fact that offers worldwide shipping for fairly good priced SARMs is definitely not enough to order here, especially taken in consideration that they don’t accept returns and there are no third party lab test results or at least customer reviews to prove the SARMs are actually high quality as promised. I honestly don’t want to be the first one to risk with my money ordering here and I don’t recommend it to anybody. If changes something, we might change our opinion too, but until then, the top rated stores of SARMs here are way more likely to satisfy your needs when searching for SARMs for sale.

  • PS: There is absolutely not a single review about and that’s why, if any of you ever had any experience with this SARMs supplier, please share it here with us by writing a review about them. Reviews

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I make a order by In the beginning I get very quick an answer, ther people were very service oritieted and after my order and I paid the articels I never get an answer and I never get the parcel with the sarms that I orderd. So its a scam page be careful when you make a order there you will never get anything from this page.

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No, I do not!
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My Order 2812 has never been delivered, and the worst is I got completed ghosted, I tried to contact by email and live chat they never replayed me back. so just lost my money. do not by here its a scam store.

Do you recommend this supplier?

No, I do not!
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