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SARMS & Peptides Stores
November 28, 2020 396
Overall rating

Customer Support & Ordering Process

customer support was alright exactly as the ordering process. is not hard to make an order with sarms for sale and if you ask them questions you will be answered. at very least, i got answers which is why 5 stars out of 5.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

they packed the order very well. nothing was missing. items weren't damaged. everything good. delivery only 4.5 out of 5 because i received the items a day later after expected time. not a big issue, maybe not their issue at all, yet it is what it is.

Products Ordered

i ordered different sarms

Product Effects

i can feel them working. i ordered from them a while ago (in 2020) and now i'm running low on supplies. that's why i need to make another order. i feel them working, doses and effects are good, increased in streght compared to other sarms i used from other sources. instead, other sources offered capsules / powder. S4S doesn't. maybe that's why the sarms are more powerful? not sure.


I do recommend for those who have money. Their quality is indeed good for sarms (haven't tried any other of their products) and with normal delivery options. customer support is fine too. What i do not love is the price here. I understand they offer high quality stuff, but as much as I notice, is higher compared to other sources.
now i am searching to see if i find any other sources with cheaper prices. If i do find it i will let you know. hopefully the prices would be cheaper, yet the quality won't be "cheaper" too...

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Yes, I do!
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