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SARMS & Peptides Stores A admin November 28, 2020 1144
Overall rating

Customer Support & Ordering Process

customer support on point and ordering process awesome... haven't got any issues.. fast process of ordering, payment and everything else.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

got delivery in about 5 days.... my package was well, discreet no probs..

Products Ordered

ordered arimidex and bulking sarms - ostarine mk-2866 and testolone rad-140...

Product Effects

i was expecting more gains. can't say that i would have gained what i did in the 8 weeks cycle length with these 2 sarms naturally but i still expected more.. i am not sure if i felt them working that good as i expected. they did worked, no doubt, but.... i thought i would get more increase in strength and gaining muscles as others mates using sarms said they did. not sure if that's my response to sarms or doesn't offer best quality sarms....


i can recommend as i did felt their products working, they have customer support that's very good and fast shipping. but i do not love the prices for sarms which does not seem to be for sale. will try other sarms from other companies and might come back with an update here...

sarms are good, but not sure if they are the best.....

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Yes, I do!
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