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Customer Support & Ordering Process

fairly good. ordering process fairly fast. Yet I encountered some minor drawbacks. Not sure if these guys fault.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

professionally packed my items in a way so they won't be damaged when shipped. Delivery on time. Loved it

Products Ordered

Sarms, obviously. I needed them for my cycle

Product Effects

I think the SARMs here are very good because I doubt that I would have achieved the same results so far. I'm pretty sure these results can be achieved as a natty, but definitely not as fast as I achieved with the help of SARMs. I felt surge of energy and strength. Really good compounds to my opinion.


this Sarms source is overall good to my opinion. worth the money and even worth giving it another shot. migh use sarmspharm for my further cycles too as i did loved how i felt on their compounds and the received i achieved (as mentioned, how fast I got those results). good enough. might recommend

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Yes, I do!
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