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SARM XXL is a newer SARMs manufacturer and seller that claim to make their name very quickly in the world of SARMs among customers who are searching for highest quality SARMs possible for affordable prices and everything backed up with excellent customer service. They are new in this business as they started it back in 2019 and yet, they still seem to do a good job in gaining popularity. is their website where you can find a lot of valuable information about this company that is based in the Netherlands. According to what we managed to notice so far by doing various researches on various SARMs suppliers – most SARMs companies based in Europe are located in the Netherlands for whatever the reason.

The information on indicates that until this moment, they haven’t received one complaint about the quality or service they are offering and they claim to keep it all that way and we really hope this is true. What is increasing the reliability of this company is the fact that they are offering third party laboratory test results of their products, therefore ensuring that you get actual good SARMs from SARM XXL company.

All in all, does seem to have various different promises that sound really good. We at are trying our best to check this information for reliability and see if they are actually keeping their promises or they are just one of the many other SARMs websites that should be avoided as they are nothing more than just scams.


So, in this honest SARM XXL review, we would talk in details about this SARMs merchant that seems to have gained a good amount of popularity in the late days, despite them being pretty new on SARMs market. In Short is the website of SARM XXL company and they do seem to be reliable from as much as we managed to find on their own website as well as third party websites. They are based in Europe – Netherlands and that’s a big plus for people searching for SARMs in Europe as they have the chance to get SARMs faster. Sarm XXL is having various benefits that are making them worth for those searching for good quality SARMs.

Nonetheless, this company seems good for those who are based in Europe rather than USA, although US residents may find it pretty good too.

Remember that SARM XXL is a relatively new company on the SARMs market. They seem to be reliable, yet you need to be careful. Nonetheless, customer reviews and third party lab testing results indicate that the company can be trusted.

In this review we would share various valuable information about it and is up to you to decide if is worth doing business with them.


Advantages of

  • SARMS coming as capsules, powder and liquid
  • Address of company is shared indicating transparency
  • Good prices for SARMs

Disadvantages of

  • High shipping fee for USA addresses
  • No other products than SARMs
  • No refund/ return policy


Before we continue any further, we’ve got to share the legal part and get it out of our way first. For those who are not interested you may skip this part, yet we highly recommend you to read the legal part.

Here at we’re not recommending the use of SARMs nor we recommend where to buy SARMs for in case you’re interested to do so. We’re just sharing some benefits of SARMs and share valuable information about where to buy SARMs in case you do want to buy them and want to avoid getting scammed.

We write honest reviews about SARMs vendors spending hours for our readers to be sure that the source is trustworthy. Nonetheless, we do not work with them and that’s why, if a SARMs vendor suddenly changes their minds and decides to “scam” their customers – has nothing to do with it.

We also do not offer any medical advices. The use of SARMs is prohibited (in USA) for human consumption. If you plan to use SARMs – talk to your doctor first. is an informational website and we do not advertise the use of SARMs or any vendors.

We’re only trying to help customers with valuable information we gather about SARMs, Kratom and Nootropics as well as their sources and stores.

SARMs Benefits

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are often seen as safer compounds than anabolic steroids and to some degree – that’s true. Although SARMs are thought to be dangerous offering various side effects, many people share their experience with SARMs indicating they are indeed safer than anabolic steroids and overall safe as long as used properly.

Many people buy SARMs and use them for various needs (depending on the SARM itself) such needs as: bulking or cutting. They are used both by professionals and beginners and both by men and women. They can help to lose body fat (overall weight loss) or / and to gain muscle mass and body definition.

SARMs are legally purchased by researches, but whatever what is your reason of buying SARMs online (research purpose or personal use) we recommend to be very careful when using them (for whatever purpose) and be careful when deciding which vendor to use.


Now, we would share our honest Sarm XXL review based on various important information such as: Website Usability; Product Availability; Prices for SARMs; Third Party Laboratory Test Results; Payment Methods; Customer Support Team; Shipping and Return Policies and Customer Reviews. Website Usability seems to be a very good looking website to our opinion. At least that’s what we can conclude from the first moment of entering their website as well as browsing and navigating through it for a while.

The speed of pages loading is fast, there are no suspicious links, everything seems to be well arranged and you can easily and quickly find whatever information is of your interest. Within a matter of minutes, we managed to find all major information of our interest.


The website looks fresh, clean and overall a very good site that is user friendly capable to give you a good experience without wanting to leave the site within the first seconds as we often experience with many sites.

As much as we noticed, is offering many different important pages that are easy to find such as: About Us, Quality Control, Contact, Shop, Shipping; Privacy Policy and on Contact page we found FAQ section.


You can find whatever products are of your interested really fast as they are categorized well with a search function.

In the end, to our opinion is a very good website that is easy to use and has a great appearance.

Customers can easily navigate through it, without risks of being redirected to dangerous links, find everything fast and without any issues.

  • An amazing thing that we should mention here about their website (something that you cannot find by far on all websites) is the fact that their site can be translated to various different languages. We can assume that’s because they are located in Europe and they might have various different customers with various different languages.

translate-sarmxxl Product Availability

All the products that SARM XXL vendor is offering are located in “shop” and there you can see 3 different categories that go as:

  • SARM Liquid
  • SARM Capsules
  • SARM Powders


We consider that is a big advantage when a SARM supplier is offering SARMs in different forms of administering the compounds and another big advantage is the fact that offers 9 different SARMs. 27 items in Liquid SARMs category, all SARMs coming in 3 different dosages (9 different SARMs), 27 items in Capsules SARMs category, all SARMs coming in 3 different dosages (9 different SARMs) and in Powders SARMs category there are 9 different SARMs. All in all, there are 9 different SARMs in 3 different administration forms.


It seems like there’s a lot that you can choose from when talking about SARMs such as:

  • S4 Andarine
  • GW501516 Cardarine
  • MK-677 Ibutamoren
  • LGD-4033 Ligandrol
  • MK-2866 Ostarine
  • S-23
  • SR9009 Stenabolic
  • RAD140 Testolone
  • YK11

All in all, there’s a lot of SARMs that you can buy from SARM XXL as much as we can see and that’s a great benefit. What we consider to be a disadvantage is the fact that SARM XXL is not offering any other types of products than SARMs.


While we do understand that we’re reviewing a SARMs vendor, a lot of people buying SARMs online are searching for personal use of SARMs and therefore they would require a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after running SARMs. That’s why, is very convenient when a company is offering SARMs alongside with other compounds that help them get through the cycle as well as recover back after it.

  • You also cannot find any exotic products so if you’re searching for some of the most popular SARMs only then you have high chances you would find whatever you need here.
  • But if you’re not searching for some other compounds than SARMs or some exotic SARMs – you won’t find them at, unfortunately.

rad140-sarmxxl SARMs Prices

Taken in consideration that this is a Europe based company, is no wonder that all the prices here on the website are not in USD ($) and that’s making it harder for USA customers to understand what’s the actual price they have to pay for. We do not really love that they do not have the option to change the currency making it easier for everybody.

The only currency option is in EUR (Euro) and that’s what we don’t love. But what we really love about SARMs prices from is that the prices seem to be really good here.

It was harder for us to determine if the prices are that good, but thanks to Google, we managed to convert the money in our national currency and understand that SARMs prices here at SARM XXL are indeed very good.

For example, Cardarine GW501516 Liquid 600 mg (20 mg per ml) 30 ML costs 37,95 EUR which is approximately 46.67 USD ($).


eur-usdAccording to our knowledge we gathered through reviewing many other SARMs stores, that’s a very good price for the amount of this SARM product. There is also Cardarine 1200 mg (40 mg per ml) 30 ML costs 54,95 EUR which is approximately 67.58 USD ($) and that’s even better.

  • PS: The reason why is called this way is because they offer 3 different amounts (dosages) of SARMs as earlier mentioned. L – lowest dosage; XL – moderate dosage; XXL – largest dosage. Therefore, Cardarine 600 mg is rated L; Cardarine 900 mg is rated XL and Cardarine 1200 mg is rated XXL.


SARM XXL Third Party Laboratory Test Results

The product availability might be good, the prices for SARMs might be good but that’s all for no avail as long as the SARMs supplier is not offering third party laboratory test results because without them, there’s no guarantee that what you’re about to buy from the company is what you actually get.

  1. First of all, there’s no guarantee that the main active substance is the same as said (another substance that is cheaper is offered for profit).
  2. Second, there’s no guarantee that the dosage (amount) is as written on the bottle (for example, 10 mg pill may offer less of it).
  3. Third, there’s no guarantee that the purity of the substance is the same – having a low quality (for the obvious purpose of profit).

There’s a high chance you will get low quality products if purchasing from sources that do not offer third party lab tests and that’s why we recommend to avoid such companies.

Luckily, doesn’t have any issues here as they do offer Certificate of Analysis made by Colmaric Analyticals, a laboratory that is specialized in testing products and they are absolutely trustworthy and reliable.


The test results are shared on their website SARM XXL and every customer can easily find them and see how actually good the SARMs products are on this SARMs supplier. We analyzed the test results and they are indicating that the compound are actually very high quality with high purity and proper dosage of their SARMs products.

There’s just one problem – all test results are back from 2019, which are considered pretty old now. Yet, we think that upon request, the company would offer a newer test result.

Payment Options at

According to the information we managed to find on their checkout page, SARM XXL is accepting a lot of different payment methods and that’s great, but what we don’t really love is that although there are so many payment methods accepted, there’s no credit card payment accepted.payment-options

We noticed that is accepting:

  • iDEAL
  • iDEAL QR
  • Bancontact
  • Giropay
  • Banktransfer (all countries)
  • Sofortbanking (Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Germany)
  • Przelewy24
  • Bitcoin

As much as we notice, there are lots of them and to be honest there are some of them that we don’t even know what they mean. Probably they are some sort of payment specific for Europe. As much as we can see, people all over the world are able to pay at Sarm XXL through some different methods.

That’s very good that customers are having various different options to choose from, and when researching a bit more, we managed to find out that that they do offer credit card option, but is a bit complicated. Instructions are found on Contact page.


In the end, we also consider that since a company is accepting so many payment options including those directly related to banks – it indicates the legitimacy of a SARM company. Shipping and Return Policies

By clicking on their “shipping” page, you are going to find some valuable information about their shipping policy with answers at most frequently asked questions in terms of shipping.

There we managed to find information claiming that they are shipping items within 24 to 48 hours after your order payment is accepted. They claim that products are delivered in 1-2 days in the Netherlands; 3-7 days in the Europe and 5-14 days for orders outside of Europe. To be honest, we doubt that orders will take maximum 2 weeks to be delivered somewhere in USA, but hopefully we are wrong.

We think this way because they already misinformed about shipping fee.

The shipping fees are the following: 6,50 EUR to Netherlands; 13 EUR to Europe and 24 EUR to locations outside the Europe which is about 30 USD ($) which we consider to be quite a lot. Free shipping is offered to people that exceed 85 EUR, 125 EUR and 175 EUR order sum to locations earlier mentioned, respectively.

But on checkout page shipping fee was 29.30 EUR to USA.



The orders can be tracked as soon as they are shipped through the code sent on your email.

What we don’t really love is the fact that SARM XXL is not offering absolutely any information at all about returns and refunds. With this being said, no info at all about what to do in case you are not happy with the product and want to return back. There’s no info what a customer should do even if the product is missing.

In the end, we don’t really think that no return/ refund policy is a good idea because this way, you are not having guarantee that you would have a pleasant shopping experience.

Customer Support Team

We have analyzed the contact us page and the first thing you can see is the common electronic form online where you write your message to Sarm XXL company and wait an email with response back to the indicated of your email.

However, at the end of the page you can find various other information including their email; their phone number and working hours of the phone number as well as exact address of this company.


We also managed to find out that they are having social media pages on Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Facebook. With the help of their pages you can have a fast contact with their company in case you need it.


All in all, we consider that this company is having a great customer support team indicating the reliability of the SARM company, especially because there’s a phone number and an exact address. Hopefully they are helping customers as good as much methods to get in touch with this company they have. Customer Reviews

We have closely inspected website and we have not found any reviews on their websites. There is not a reviews page and no customer reviews otherwise on their site. That’s why we started to search for customer reviews about on third party websites.

The customer reviews on third party websites are reliable in most cases, although they could be faked or paid sometimes. Nonetheless, we still check them and luckily, they seem to prove that SARM XXL is a reliable company that can be trusted.

Based on 25 reviews on trustpilot reviews about, they managed to get 4.4 stars out of 5. One review is negative but without an actual review, another one is 4 stars out of 5 and all the rest 23 customer reviews rated 5 out of 5 stars.


We also managed to find reviews on reddit indicating their products are pretty good and various other reviewing websites indicated that the company is trustworthy with good and quality products. Other websites suggested that the company is legit based on various factors.



Ultimately, it does seems like this company can be trusted based on the customer reviews on third party websites and that’s a very good sign.

Conclusion About is a SARMs manufacturer and supplier that originate from Netherlands, Europe and they have started their business back in 2019.

The company seems to be reliable based on multiple factors such as customer reviews, contact page, payment methods, third party laboratory test results and many other factors.

In the end, SARM products seem to be of high quality and you can choose from many of them, nonetheless, you cannot buy anything else than just SARMs. At least, the prices for SARMs at SARM XXL are of good price, minus the shipping fee, especially for customers outside Europe areas.

They have high shipping fee, no return / refund policy and a single negative rating out of 25 reviews with no other products than just SARMs. These seem to be the only disadvantages of SARM XXL.

Whilst they are not many, they are enough for a customer to search for other SARM sources, especially if they are located in USA taken in consideration high shipping fees, long waiting times as well as in case you need something else than just SARMs (for example, PCT products). does seem to be trustworthy and legitimate, but we’re not sure if is worth using them. It might be if you’re in Europe and still, it depends on your specific needs and goals. At least, we know that is not a scamming SARMs website.

In the end, you can find various other SARMs stores and sources in case this European SARM supplier doesn’t fulfill your needs. On this website, we make sure you will find best SARMs stores for your specific needs.

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service and delivery was flawless. the customer support team answered my questions.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

as described

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i purchased a few SARMs and i expected more results. Got only XXL version. Ligandrol, RAD and s-23

Product Effects

I am not sure if their products are top notch to be honest. I noticed some results, but I think they could have been achieved naturally. can't say I noticed a boost in strength, muscle growth or fat loss


The company offers products as you can see, but the quality is doubtful. thinking about testing those capsules (got capsule version) but not sure if worth extra $

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Hi, as owner of SARMXXL (Ronnie) I am very happy with your review. It will make us work harder and be on top of our quality and service. It feels good to get appreciation through a review like this :)

I hope our customers will find your site and also review us as we are not afraid.

Kind regards,


Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

All good

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All good

Product Effects

Order and please leave a review here :)


Hi, as owner of SARMXXL (Ronnie) I am very happy with your review. It will make us work harder and be on top of our quality and service. It feels good to get appreciation through a review like this :)

I hope our customers will find your site and also review us as we are not afraid.

Kind regards,


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