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Week one:
Holy f*ck. Dramatic strength gains, much more intense than rad140 and lgd4033.

So far i'm down 1% body fat and up 0.8% muscle mass. Water retention is definitely there, muscle definition has slightly decreased, more vascularity though in the upper chest and front delt region.

Insomnia has increased.
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falling asleep harder? or getting less hours of sleep?
Both. I work in shifts now, i start early shift at 06:00 and i like to go to bed around 22:00 but i often stay wide awake till 1 or 2 in the morning even though i didn't have much sleep the night before. The last four nights i had a total of 14 hours of sleep combined. Way too less.
yeah, you definitely should fix this problem, not enough sleep will hinder your gains and health
Currently on cycle #5: 10mg daily Rad150, 10mg daily LGD3303, 2x 5mg daily YK-11.
Day 4: noticing mental and physical effects of the stack, going up in weights rapidly and motivation is surreal.
hey buddy, how are you doing?
hey man. haven't heard from you in a while. doing great. been working out religously. wanna enter tha 330 lb bench press club. lol