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BuyDeus is a reseller of Deus Medical products. Buy Deus claims to be an official distributor of Deus Medical – one of the leading Pharmaceutical manufacturing brands in India situated in Kolkata. DEUS MEDICAL claims to be planned and designed to meet local as well as international quality demands. The manufacturing company DEUS MEDICAL claims to adopt the best practices in all operations to make sure to offer the highest quality standards of products.

  • NOTE! Keep in mind that is not affiliated with Instead, is an affiliate (official reseller) of DEUS

As it looks like, DeusMedical is manufacturing different products and BuyDeus is selling them. They claim to offer pharma-grade quality PEDs, peptides, PCT drugs, and SARMs. They also suggest that products are shipped worldwide (by using stealth shipping methods) from a European warehouse. In addition to that, they claim to offer multiple convenient payment methods too.

Customers are able to verify if BUY DEUS is a legitimate partner of DEUS MEDICAL manufacturing company on the official Deus Medical website.

With this being said, the site we’re reviewing today is not a SARM manufacturer. They are a reseller company of a pharmacy that offers many different products including SARMs.

So, the manufacturer itself is located in India, but they ship SARMs and other products from a European warehouse. Also, Deus Medical suggests that the manufacturing facility meets international quality standards. They are WHO-GMP certified and fully compliant with EU GMP, UK MHRA. Therefore, Deus Medical products sold by are claiming to offer the best quality products. Summary

BUY DEUS is an official reseller of DEUS MEDICAL products including SARMs. This vendor is selling SARMs as well as numerous other products (including even anabolic steroids) and they offer worldwide shipping. All the products are coming exclusively in the form of tablets and customers seem to have convenient payment methods to buy them.

As much as it looks, potential customers can buy a lot of different products for physical improvement and performance enhancement purposes here.

In the end, it does look like there are some awesome advantages that many people can take advantage of. Nevertheless, at the same time, we did find a few issues too. High prices for SARMs, fishy email addresses to get in touch with customer support (the only way to talk with them) as well as no refunds for some specific countries are some of them. Advantages

  • Worldwide shipping
  • A lot of different products to choose from
  • Third party tests provided Disadvantages

  • The only way to talk with them – a protonmail address
  • Some countries are not receiving refunds in case of customs seize
  • High prices for SARMs compared to other suppliers

Disclaimer is not selling SARMs and is not recommending their use. In fact, the use of SARMs in humans is prohibited. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are intended for research purposes only, despite the fact that there are so many people claiming to have such good results for their physique and performance enhancement purposes. Our website is not responsible for anyone using them irresponsibly. is only an informational website trying to help customers to find trustworthy sources of SARMs and indicating those that are most likely scamming. We do not recommend the use of SARMs and we’re not having a partnership with any SARMs stores.

The ultimate decision of where to buy SARMs and how to use them is up to each person, does not have control over this and cannot be held guilty for someone using SARMs irresponsible or purchasing SARMs from a source and being scammed. Website Overview and Usability

Accessing the website you can see a very well done site. Everything is clear, readable information, easy to access pages, and generally, a good site design.

The reload speed of pages is fast, all the required information is present throughout different pages on the site. You are able to register (and get a bonus) or simply order without registering here. You can quickly order and quickly find all the information required.

Also, there do not seem to be any dangerous links. No annoying banners or unclear information.

The only thing that’s missing at is the Terms & Conditions page. There does seem to be a lot of information, however, terms and conditions should be easily accessed by all potential customers.

Except for that, technically, is a great website. You can quickly and easily navigate through it, absolutely effortlessly. Can find whatever you need fast without any problems or malwares.

In the end, the website overview and usability of is great. Pleasant design, technically good, no viruses, and fast page speed load.

  • PS: We would recommend Buy Deus to consider adding the Terms & Conditions page to make it an overall perfect site. Product Availability

You can easily find whatever products you need at as they are all categorized. Based on those categories – you can find:

  • SARMs
  • Peptides
  • PCT (SERMs)
  • Ancillaries with subdivisions: Fat Loss; Sexual Health; Gynecomastia Treatment; Aromatase Inhibitors.

As much as it seems, absolutely all products come only in the form of tablets. With this being said, there are no other versions of SARMs or whichever other compounds. Such as powder or liquid form.

Talking about Peptides – they claim to offer 22 different peptides but they are all out of stock at the moment, for whatever reason.

  • PCT (SERMs) – offers 3 of them – Clomiphene; Tamoxifen and Raloxifene.
  • Ancillaries – there are 9 different products, as mentioned, depending on what you need.

As in terms of SARMs – 9 different SARMs in form of tablets only:gw501516-buydeus

  • RAD-140 Testolone
  • GW-501516 Cardarine
  • LGD-4033 Ligandrol
  • S23
  • S4 Andarine
  • MK-2866 Ostarine
  • MK-677 Ibutamoren
  • YK-11
  • SR9009 Stenabolic

It does look like has a good product availability as you can find the most popular SARMs here including other compounds you may need.

  • Interesting thing: throughout their products, you can find some products claimable to be from the USA. They are the same compounds as those already in stock but they are more expensive. Plus, all USA products are out of stock for whatever reason as well.

In conclusion – there are still quite a lot of different products you can find here. Therefore, there’s a high chance you would find whatever products you need at BUY DEUS. Most popular SARMs including others you may need. SARMs Prices

As it was earlier mentioned, through their products you can find some specific products listed twice. The difference is that one seems to be shipped from their European warehouse (as most of the products from this site) and the other one from the USA warehouse.

The products from the USA warehouse (one RAD-140 when talking about SARMs and a few other different products) are more expensive for whatever reason. But none of the products in the USA seems to be available.

With all this being said, we check the prices only for SARMs and only those that are available. As mentioned, they are shipped from European warehouses. The prices are in EUR (€).

Reference – 1 EUR (€) is equal to 1.18 USD ($).


As mentioned, BUYDEUS offers SARMs only in the form of tablets, and as much as it looks like – one pack of whatever SARM contains 50 tablets. In addition to that, all SARMs come as 10 mg per tablet except for YK-11 coming as 5 mg/tab and S4 Andarine coming as 25mg/tab.

Therefore, it looks like you’ll receive a total of 500 mg of all other SARMs, 250 mg of YK-11 and 1250 mg of S4 Andarine per pack. One pack of each SARM at is differently priced:

  • RAD-140 Testolone = 50 EUR
  • GW-501516 Cardarine  = 35 EUR
  • LGD-4033 Ligandrol = 60 EUR
  • S23 = 35 EUR
  • S4 Andarine = 45 EUR
  • MK-2866 Ostarine = 33 EUR
  • MK-677 Ibutamoren = 40 EUR
  • YK-11 = 55 EUR
  • SR9009 Stenabolic = 35 EUR

Analyzing the prices and comparing them with other sources; SARMs prices at are high! Really high. For the same prices at other sources, you might get approximately twice as much amount of each SARM. Third Party Lab Test Results

We already mentioned that is not the manufacturer of products but only the official distributor of DEUS MEDICAL. If you ever used this company, you may have trust in these products, but if you haven’t – it is very important to check for 3rd party laboratory test results. Especially because in the SARMs industry there are a lot of low quality SARMs.

As much as it looks like, does offer third party lab test results for most of their products (most SARMs). For whatever the reason, MK677 Ibutamoren; S23 and SR9009 do not have third party lab test results. But at least the other 6 SARMs do offer test results, conducted by Janoshik.

We appreciate that the tests are conducted by this trustworthy testing company and that they are up to date. Seems like most tests were conducted in February and April 2021.

Since does prove that their SARMs are of high quality, customers can be less anxious about the quality and amount of SARMs they buy here.

  • PS: It would be perfect if they would add the tests for the rest of their SARMs that are not having those tests. Shipping and Returns Policies

To find out more about shipping and return policies you can check their FAQ and Shipping & Payments page. Then, as usual, we would go to the checkout page to see if the information is veridic.

First off – they claim to ship from Europe. Assumingly, higher priced products (with the USA in parenthesis) suggest they are shipped from the USA. But at the moment, they are all out of stock.

The delivery price for Europe is 17 EUR and the rest of the world 23 EUR. All packages are sent discreetly. The suitable courier depends on the geographical location. After payment, they ship items within 3-5 days which to our opinion is quite too much.

Delivery times for EU countries are up to a maximum of 20 days and the rest of the world maximum of 21 days (not that much of a difference though). You can see more detailed info about delivery times by countries on their site. They claim that small delays may occur due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Buy Deus claims to offer free reshipment to damaged items and items not delivered within 75 days of the dispatch date (which is quite too much again). They do offer free reshipping in case of customs seizure, except for some countries listed on their site.

On the checkout page, we confirmed all this information.

So, the shipping and refund policies seem to be fairly good with some exceptions. is not perfect in these terms, but not bad either. The problem is – we couldn’t find a single mention about Returns (in case you want to get your money back). Payment Methods

On the same pages (which, by the way, seem to be very similar – everything you can find at Shipping and Payments page you can find on their FAQ page, including 2 other questions answered) you can find that Buy Deus claims to accept:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • SEPA bank transfers
  • Credit Cards
  • Western Union and Transferwise
  • Zelle
  • eCheck
  • and more

Such a multitude of different payment options is great! This means that it almost doesn’t matter what type of payment method you love – you’ll find it here. But we still had to confirm this on their checkout page.

There we noticed that a European country can choose among transferwise including credit card and bank transfer; SEPA; Moneygram and cryptocurrency. Same payment methods are listed for the USA with the addition of iDEAL, eCheck, and Zelle.

So, there do seem to be enough payment methods at It looks like buying SARMs for sale from this SARM store is easy. Customer Support Team

To find out more about the customer support team of BUYDEUS we accessed their “Contact Us” page. To be honest, we were a bit disappointed. That’s because the only way to get in touch with them is through the email address listed on their site.

They claim that usually they reply fast, but allow up to 24 hours in extreme cases.

We were disappointed to see that there’s only one method to get in touch with them. There’s no way to talk in case of urgent inquiries. But what’s even more - their email is [email protected]. That’s a problem because it definitely doesn’t look serious for a SARM vendor to use an email service instead of having their own. Customer Reviews

We’ve checked for customer reviews about and we found a few reviews about specifically. However, we found a lot of reviews about Deus Medical products (although not about their SARMs specifically through some forums and other sites. Overall, this company seems to produce good products (which we hope is true about SARMs too, but it was confirmed with lab test results).

Also, this official distributor seems to be trustworthy too. We even found reviews about people purchasing SARMs specifically. Overall, there seem to be only a few negative reviews – all the rest seem to be positive.

Positive reviews about indicate that the site is actually trustworthy and products aren’t bunk. Based on the BuyDeus reviews – it looks like there are low chances you won’t receive what you paid for.


BuyDeus is the official reseller of DEUS MEDICAL products. Deus Medical seems to offer a lot of different products and offers most of them including various Ancillaries; medications for PCT and SARMs (there are also Peptides – but they are all out of stock currently).

They claim to have the warehouse located in Europe and offer shipping worldwide. You can check the authenticity of this site at the official Deus Medical website too (of course, we did it, and it was confirmed).


You can find the 9 different popular SARMs here and there’s a variety of payment methods. The website looks really good and SARMs seem to be of high quality as they have third party lab test results. Most reviews seem to be positive too.


What’s not so good is that SARMs are overpriced; they have only a protonmail to contact them and not all, although they ship worldwide – it is not worth it for everyone to order here. That's because there's a list of countries that are not offered reship in case of custom seizures.


The combination of good customer reviews and third party lab test results as well as the authenticity of the authorized reseller of this SARM vendor makes us think that the company is legit. Customers would most likely receive their SARMs. But we still are not sure how worthy it is to use this SARM supplier considering their prices. Other SARM stores may offer the same amount of SARMs for prices in half. Check it out at the list of top rated stores.

  • PS: There are some good customer reviews about but we never know their authenticity. Plus, most reviews aren’t written by people who used SARMs specifically. Those of you who ever used are kindly asked to write a review below.

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Customer Support & Ordering Process

ordering process was flawless but i can't say the same about delivery
customer support was... supportive about it 5 stars as they know their job

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

packaging was torn open and i think there's a high chance of getting the items seized if those who tore it knew what was there
delivery was kinda slow

Products Ordered

different sarms as tablets - ostarine and andarine to lose weight

Product Effects

good products. i saw improvements in getting less body fat and an overall weight decrease. of course in combination with diet and cardio and workout
despite losing fat, i didn't seem to lose muscles and strength though


i can recommend buy deus for their quality oral tablets sarms but they should fix the delivery issues and the prices. seems like too high price for those sarms in those amounts. not overpriced, but still higher. other than that buy deus is good with good sarms

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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Overall rating

Customer Support & Ordering Process

They have great customer support - they usually reply within a few hours. They are also available on the Reddit chat.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

I have ordered multiple times. The packaging never ceases to amaze me. They package it like a supplement and ship very fast. Took around 20 days to reach the US.

Products Ordered

LGD4033, Ostarine, Cardarine, Tamoxifen

Product Effects

I have been using their LGD for 40 days and I can feel it's definitely not bunk. Great pump and strength increase. I already put on some weight.

The tablets are 10mg each which I find perfect. The Cardarine and the Ostarine (which I have not used it) are 10mg each as well.

I wish they would make tablets with different dosages. For example, their MK677 is also 10mg for each tablet. If they would make 20mg tablets that would be perfect.


Overall I'm really satisfied with their service. They are quick to reply, their packaging is awesome and their products are good.

Some of the products are a bit expensive compared to other sources (but nothing dramatic). But since they make high-quality products, it's well worth it.

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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