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Swiss Chems is a world wide supplier of SARMs, peptides as well as PCT products. Swiss Chems seems to be one pretty popular SARMs stores and they are mostly known for being among the first SARMs manufacturer that created injectable SARMs compounds that ever reached the market. Although they have discontinued the sale of injectable SARMs due to issues associated with IM injectable products, they still remain popular for this.

According to information on they are having HPLC tested products and that’s why everyone choosing this company, they are actually choosing quality. All along with fast shipping, money back guarantee policy and great customer service, it all sounds great and hopefully that’s all true and worth your money. is here to help you in determining whether is that all true and whether or not is worth doing business with them. This is our honest review and here we would share some of the most important factors about this merchant.

Based on various factors that we would analyze through this review we would make a conclusion about Swiss Chems and hopefully it would help you.


  • P.S. If there’s anyone who ever had experience with this SARMs store, be it positive or negative, we gently ask you to write it down in the comments section. Your review is very important for us and it may greatly help other people in taking a decision in the dilemma if this store is worth it or no. Review Summary

According to various factors, we analyzed through our Swiss Chems review which you can freely read below, this SARMs vendor is doing great in remaining one of the few SARMs stores that can be trusted. As any other SARMs supplier, does come with their own advantages and disadvantages but according to information we managed to find on multiple sources, this SARMs supplier is pretty good and won’t going to scam.

They are offering a good level of transparency all along with quality products that are proved by various different laboratory test results shared on their website made public to everyone.

They do seem to care about customers as they are claiming to offer a complete 100% full refund of all your money spent in case you will have a product tested at HLPC licensed testing facility and the results are negative.

We do love they are offering various SARMs and Peptides including other products but we don’t really love the no return/ refund back policy.


The price seems to be a bit higher but they offer cashback, which makes it a good price. Nonetheless, it would be better to have the lower price instead of cashback option. They also do not offer any special SARMs or any other forms of SARMs than just oral ones coming in capsules.

Swiss Chems Pros

  • Product Quality Tests Transparency
  • Company Transparency with Exact Address
  • Many different products including PCT, Peptides, Kratom and many others
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Positive reviews

Swiss Chems Cons

  • No return / refund back
  • Good price only with cashback
  • Only 8 oral SARMs
  • Only cryptocurrency accepted
  • Some negative reviews


It does looks like SARMs industry is growing in popularity but that’s despite the fact that it seems like it gets harder and harder to find a reliable and worth SARMs source. Due to Covid-19, stricter regulations, Chinese SARMs ban and various other factors, is hard to find the perfect SARM supplier.

Luckily, despite the fact that many approved SARMs sources such as SARMS4YOU shut down their activity and disappeared, there are others, that seem to appear and gain popularity. Swiss Chems does seem to be one of those that gains popularity as it looks like their online sale numbers are going high.

We will share a detailed and honest review and based on a variety of different factors, we would make a conclusion. Here at Swiss Chems review, you will be able to read about:

  • Who is Swiss Chems
  • What products are available
  • Prices for those products
  • Laboratory tests results
  • Payment options
  • Shipping policy and return policy
  • Discount codes and deals
  • is customer reviews

In conclusion, at the end of carefully reading this Swiss Chems review, you will be able to take a decision about shopping with them or not.

But then again, as earlier mentioned, if you did ever purchased something from – we would gladly hear from you by writing your review in the comments you can find below of this review. This would also greatly help other customers too.

What is Swiss Chems?

Swiss Chems is a world wide supplier of SARMs, Peptides, Kratom, Male Enhancement Pills as well as various other products and Performance Enhancers. This SARMs manufacturer can be found at website and the company is located in Hong Kong according to the information on their website and officially, they have been in the SARMs industry for a bit more than 2 years.

There is various different information on the website advertising the company such as: secure payment option and world wide shipping. They are making promises about fast delivery, fast and professional customer service and they published COAs for their products, which is extremely important when discussing about SARMs business.

Swiss Chems claims to reinvests their profit in order to fund further research and progress in development of helpful chemicals and according to the information there, they are having the lowest prices for the chemicals you can find on their site of the best quality such as: peptides, PCT and male enhancement pills.


This SARMs manufacturer does seem to have a pretty good popularity online and we think that’s all for good reasons. definitely doesn’t seem to be a scamming website based on all factors we managed to find.

Product Availability at

Swiss Chems a manufacturer or various different chemicals and taken in consideration we’re reviewing SARMs stores – is quite obvious you can buy SARMs from too. In the past, they offered injectable SARMs, but no more. Now, they are only offering SARMs in capsules (and one SARM in tablet). In the end, it doesn’t really matter as long as they are all oral form of SARMs.


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they are offering any other forms of SARMs such as liquids or powder. Whilst we do understand that oral SARMs might be the most popular ones, there are still people searching for SARM powder or SARM liquid. If you’re among such people, Swiss Chems already isn’t a good source for you. Also is not a good one for those who are expecting to buy some exotic “rare-to-find” SARMs because is offering only 8 different oral SARMs – the most popular SARMs.
  • Instead, Swiss Chems is great for people who are searching for popular oral SARMs and is extremely good for those who are also searching for Peptides, Kratom, PCT products, male enhancement pills or other products as they also have anti aging ones, nootropics and even testosterone booster.

You may find SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) as well as AIs (Aromatase Inhibitors) at Swiss Chems including many others. We consider that is amazing the fact they are having various different PCT products such as Clomid and Nolvadex and others because a lot of people running SARMs may require to run a PCT plan at the end. You also can buy male enhancement pills if you would require in the cycle or at the end of it including many other things that are very helpful for a person planning to go through the cycle.


Going back to SARMs, this is the full list of SARMs you can buy (11 products, 2 of which are stacks containing the rest products, and 1 coming as capsule and tablets therefore 8 different SARMS):

  • Testolone RAD-140 10 mg per capsule
  • GW-501516 Cardarine 10 mg per capsule
  • Ostarine MK2866 10 mg per capsule
  • MK-677 Ibutamoren 10 mg per capsule
  • YK-11 5 mg per capsule
  • S4 Andarine 25 mg per capsule
  • SR-9011 5 mg per capsule
  • S-23 10 mg per capsule


The rest items include:

  • S-23 5 mg per tablet
  • Cutter Stack including S23, GW 501516, S4
  • Bulker Stack including YK11, Testolone, Mk-677

stacks-swisschems Product Prices

The prices for SARMs are pretty good only if taken in consideration their cashback option. However, the prices on other sources does seem to be a bit better. All their 8 oral SARMs coming as capsules contain 60 capsules with various doses depending on the SARM. The prices are anywhere between $63.95 and $79.95 and to be honest, we did saw lower prices than that.


Although these are not exaggerated prices, you could still save some money. Nonetheless, these still does seem to be respectable prices taken in consideration they seem to have amazing quality for products, constant tests done and plus to that, they seem to offer an overall bigger amount of capsules – 60, whilst others may offer a bit less.

In the end, we consider that prices for SARMs at are by far not the best, although they are pretty good.

Swiss Chems Third Party Lab Test Results

If you read our SARMs stores reviews so far, then you already know that a SARMs company cannot be trusted as long as they are not offering lab test results. One of the most important ways to make sure that a source is actually legit is to check those third party laboratory test results. It does not matter if a brand is looking all good as long as they are not having purity standards as they should.

We can’t trust SARMs sources that are not offering any lab test results and luckily, Swiss Chems doesn’t seem to have absolutely any issues to this point. We really love the fact that Swiss Chems is taking testing very seriously and that’s why they seem among the best companies when talking about lab tests.


They are having a separate page called Product Quality Tests. There they claim to continuously conduct HPCL tests on all of their raw powders as well as finished products to make sure the quality of the products is best possible.

They claim to offer a complete refund of all your money in case you test one of their products at some HPLC licensed testing facility and the results are negative. On that page, you can find a lot of different test results for a lot of different products, obviously including our SARMs.


That’s all extremely good and we really appreciate this! Is easy to find and access a lot of lab testing reports for a lot of different products all of which indicate a high quality of products.

This is type of product quality transparency is something that we really appreciate and Swiss Chems is having a really big plus when talking about this. They ensure that every customer is going to receive legit products.


Payment Methods

When we were researching for payment options accepted by Swiss Chems we were really glad to see that this company is accepting Bitcoin, VISA and MasterCard or at least, that’s what it seemed like when checking the icons at the bottom of their website.


However, we have found another page where they claim that the only form of payment accepted in Bitcoin. That was all very strange so we decided to analyze the checkout page, which made it all even more strange:

They do accept Bitcoin as claimed everywhere, but they do not accept VISA or MasterCard as seen at the bottom of their page and they do accept Echeck/ Zelle/ USA Bank. However, this payment option is having 15% banking inconvenience fees.

To be honest, I am not a person who would like to pay more than I should, and especially taken in consideration that the prices here are by far not the best.

With this being said, pretty much the only payment option left is Bitcoin. Usually, most SARMs suppliers are offering multiple payment methods and customers are not required to pay additional fees for specific payment methods, but it works the other way around by offering various discounts for some payment methods and in most cases – for Bitcoin. doesn’t seem to offer any discounts for bitcoin payments.

We went deeper and checked their FAQ page where we found a “20% banking inconvenience fee” which is already 5% more. That’s all very confusing.


To our opinion, all the payment thing about is confusing and they do seem to lack a few payment methods as many customers may want to have options to choose from.

Shipping and Return Policies at Swiss Chems

By analyzing the information on their site it does looks like this SARMs source is offering delivery world wide. Although information on their website indicates they are located in Hong Kong, it seems like they have warehouses in USA, otherwise we can’t explain how USA and Canada customers are having shorter delivery expecting times than international orders. They are shipping USPS.

1-7 business days for USA and CA and 1-2 weeks for international orders are expected deliver times.


As much as it looks like, there are few restrictions when it comes to shipping for military addresses. They are not going to send peptides to a military address.

However, they claim that the reship is guarantee in case there’s an error during the shipping process. Yet, if the order has been seized by customs Swiss Chems doesn’t take responsibility for that and won’t reship. That could be a problem for international orders. However, that’s no risk for orders in USA.

The information on Swiss Chems overall seems to be a bit confusing. That’s because except for confusing info about payment methods, they are also confusing with shipping – they claim to be located in Hong Kong, although USA orders are favored. Again, we assume they have warehouses in USA.

What we do not really love is the return policy of They claim that in case the items are damaged or lost during transit they will reship back. But they are not accepting any forms of return or refund otherwise.

Swiss Chems Coupon Codes and Deals

Doing some research, we managed to find out that they are having discounts for purchasing products in bundle except for the cashback option that was earlier mentioned. The cashback can be later used on their website for a “deeper” discount.


Except for bundle and cashback, they claim to have special prices for products but we can’t really agree with that. They claim to offer promotions and coupon codes when you’re subscribing to their deals on Facebook or to their

One last thing to mention is that Swiss Chems is offering discounts when you’re purchasing products in bulk. The higher quantity – the more the discount up to 10 % if you buy 6 bottles or more at once.


Swiss Chems Customer Support Team

Those who are having questions might find answers at FAQ page, nonetheless, in case that’s still not answering or you have something specific to ask then there’s the contact page where you can find the electronic email form, the exact address of the company, as well as their phone number.


They also have social media page where you can get in touch with them. We were happy to see that they are having “instant chat” option.


Nevertheless, when opening it up and writing a question, we were told that the answer would come to email. seems to have too many confusing things on their website. At least, the contact page and contact forms are good enough. Reviews from Customers

It seems like Swiss Chems is a pretty popular company, or at least based on the amount of customer reviews and amount of sites where we found customer reviews about Luckily, most of the customer reviews about this SARMs vendor are positive and this indicates the company can be trusted.


However, there are also some negative reviews leaving us concerned. There is still a good amount of negative reviews with unhappy customers who said they have awful experience with this SARMs merchant for whatever the reason.


We analyzed them and we consider those reviews to be real and authentic from people who had actual experience.

Taken in consideration that most reviews are positive – we highly doubt that they are in any form or way scammers, nonetheless, there are still chances you won’t have a maximum pleasant experience with, at least according to customer reviews.

Swiss Chems Conclusion is a SARMs store that seems to be reliable based on reviews, third party lab tests and various other factors. It may be a great source of SARMs, peptides, kratom and various other products especially for people living in USA.

The problem with Swiss Chems is that this SARMs source is pretty confusing with some confusing information on their website such as address, payment information and others.

Swiss Chems is not another scamming website and scammer SARMs store, but we can’t guarantee that you would have 100% satisfaction guarantee.

That’s based on some customer reviews indicating they had negative experience with this company and plus to that, we found out they have no return/ refund back option. Also you can’t find any special SARMs (8 oral SARMs) and don’t have lots of payment options with average to high prices.

Instead, Swiss Chems offers worldwide shipping, a few ways how to save some money with discounts, coupon codes and deals a very wide variety of many different other products that can greatly help customers through their cycles. We love the overall transparency of including lab test results indicating the company is reliable. This is also mentioned by multiple customer reviews.

Yet, if is still not what you are searching for, then you have high chances to find what you love at by checking the list of best SARMs stores here.

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Customer Support & Ordering Process

good service. ordering process was easy due to convenient payment options and customer support was responsive

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

fairly good delivery. can't say is perfect for some reasons, yet is still very good, some of the best, in fact, services out there. packaging discreet. everything was in there

Products Ordered

ordered 2 bottles of rad140 capsules (a total of 120 capsules in 2 bottles)

Product Effects

for the price i expected more results. i have noticed some increase in strength, however i am not 100% pleasant. I am not sure, but maybe because their caps come in doses of only 10 mg. this was my first time using their sarms and i guess i should double up the dosage to make them more effective.


for the pretty high prices here i expected more. definitely a good source, keeping their promises etc. I just thought i would get more for the money i spend.

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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Overall rating

Customer Support & Ordering Process

customer support is good at swisschems as they answer your questions fast and professionally.
about ordering process - no probs

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

delivery was fast - in a matter of a few days i got my products. exactly as promised
about packaging - professional. had no issues receiving them

Products Ordered

i ordered MK-2866 & GW-501516

Product Effects

i think that the quality is good, but for the price, i think they should be even better. through my cycle of 8 weeks, i went down from 210 lbs to 195 lbs whilst keeping same strenght and power which is great. but i thought that i would lose more body fat and increase strength (i was searching for cutting).
nonetheless, i thought that i would get more strength and i would lose more fat. still, the effects are good.


i just think that the price is a bit higher than they "could" be. otherwise everything is good. quality sarms, overall good company

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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Overall rating

Customer Support & Ordering Process

I could easily order from them and whenever i had questions - customer support was there to help me professionally. No problems at this point whatsoever.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

No problems except for the fact that out of a few orders I received, almost each time the delivery took almost 2 weeks, whereas other companies deliver my items in 2 days. Packaging is professional.
In the end, I guess that in a world where so many scammers exist, is good that I receive my order at all. I wish it could be faster, but that's still good.

Products Ordered

I ordered from swiss chems multiple times and I can't remember it all. Mostly I buy SARMs but I also get some Testosterone Boosters, Male Enhancement pills and PCT products. From SARMs I ordered I can mention:
I once bough Cutter Stack too.

Product Effects

I do have trust in them because I can see effects from their products for my cutting needs. Nonetheless, I used other SARMs from other stores and they seemed more powerful. Not trying to say that Swiss Chems is selling low quality products, but some questions on quality still arise. Not sure if is only me.
In the end, I am still able to lose body fat and maintain muscles from their SARMs indicating they are indeed of high quality.


I can recommend Swiss Chems. There are a few things that I would love changed (such as stronger SARMs, faster delivery, lower prices) but in summary, everything is good. You would receive everything as expected without any problems whatsoever which is why i can recommend this company.

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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