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SARMSRevolutionLab (SRL) is a Canadian SARMs manufacturer and seller that is focused on offering their Canadian customers the best quality SARMs in the form of liquid. According to the information on their own website, they are only offering top quality SARMs since 2016 and they do agree with the fact that they may not be the cheapest SARMs provider in Canada, nonetheless, they claim to strive offering their customers only with the best and purest SARMs available on the market.

  • Is mandatory to let you know that is just another source of SARMs we are writing an honest review about. is not an affiliate of this source and every word written here is unbiased.

Sarms Revolution Lab is claiming that you won’t ever find low quality SARMs from their store. You may spend a bit more there, but according to them you are not going to waste time, effort and money on low quality SARMs and therefore, you’re going to get real results by buying high quality Canadian SARMs.

They claim that in the end, you’re still capable of saving money because they offer SARMs twice as concentrated compared to most other SARMs brands in Canada and USA, but they are not twice as expensive.

According to the information on their – there are a lot of benefits and reasons why you should choose this SARMs store. For example, Sarms Revolution Lab claims to provide the best SARMs in North America – best SARMs you’ll ever find. They claim to analyze and test all of their products with a third party lab (HPLC Analyze) making sure the products are at least 98% pure.

They claim that other providers of SARMs claim to offer 10 mg/ ml of RAD-140, for example, but they offer a double strength of 20 mg/ ml. And that’s without asking for a double price. They claim that SARMSRevolutionLab has nothing to hide – they are all transparent and working for customer satisfaction.

According to the company claims’ you get:

  • Fast Delivery. They offer fast delivery all over Canada.
  • High Potency. Products that are twice more concentrated to other sources of SARMs.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. Their customers are always going to be very satisfied.
  • Secure Ordering. All the orders are secured. Summary is manufacturing and selling SARMs of the best quality and they seem to be located in Canada, Quebec with an exact address shared. The company is offering absolutely best quality products only and twice as concentrated compared to other SARMs stores. They have been in the SARMs business since 2016 and since then, they have learned how to satisfy their customers’ needs.

In the end, it does look like SarmsRevolutionLabs is trying their best to give the impression of an amazing SARMs store and by doing a quick research we’ve found various things that do seem to make them reliable as a SARM supplier. Nonetheless, we still found quite a good amount of drawbacks about this SARM provider too so we would write them all down and you decide if this vendor is good enough for your needs.

We notice they have a very well made website through which you can quickly navigate and place your order. There are various methods to get in touch with them and the fact they shared the exact address of the company all along with accepted credit cards makes us think the company is actually legit. There are also Certificate of Analysis (COA) on each compound and it seems like customers can buy the most popular SARMs here.

However, on the other hand, we found some pretty big issues, like for example, you can’t buy anything else other than just 9 different liquid SARMs here, the SARMs prices are really big, COA’s are not conducted by third party laboratories but they conducted them on their own, there are no customer reviews anywhere online except their own website and lasts – this Canadian SARMs store is exclusively only for people living in Canada as they do not have shipping anywhere else. Advantages

  • Accepted credit cards
  • Good branding of products
  • Accepted returns Disadvantages

  • Huge SARMs prices
  • COA’s are not conducted by third party labs
  • Shipping only in Canada

Disclaimer is not selling SARMs and is not recommending their use. In fact, the use of SARMs in humans is prohibited. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are intended for research purposes only, despite the fact that there are so many people claiming to have such good results for their physique and performance enhancement purposes. Our website is not responsible for anyone using them irresponsible. is only an informational website trying to help customers into finding trustworthy sources of SARMs and indicating those that are most likely scamming. We do not recommend the use of SARMs and we’re not having partnership with any SARMs stores.

The ultimate decision where to buy SARMs and how to use them for is up to each person, does not have control on this and cannot be held guilty for someone using SARMs irresponsible or purchasing SARMs from a source and being scammed. Website Usability

Accessing the website you can notice a fresh and clean layout of the site that’s making the navigation here very easy and pleasant. They seem to have a very good design of the site which is greatly facilitating the purchasing process taking into consideration that you can browse here quickly – quickly find the required information and quickly place an order.

In a matter of a few minutes, we found some valuable information and we were ready to place an order as the ordering process seems to be fairly easy. The design is simple, information is well displayed and they do not seem to have banners that are too annoying or confusing or chaotically arranged information that makes it hard to read or non-readable at all.

In addition to that, it does look like the company arranged everything well, the reload speed of pages is fast and there are no dangerous links that could expose your sensitive information or insert viruses into your device.

They have important pages such as Contact, FAQ, SARMs well displayed, important information, as well as icons at the bottom of their page suggesting the accepted payment methods (credit cards). You can subscribe to their newsletter and in addition to that, their site has a great feature – you can change the language of their site to French. That’s an amazing option taken in consideration that a lot of Canadians are speaking French.


  • SarmsRevolutionLab also has icons suggesting they have Facebook and Instagram accounts, nonetheless – none of those links is working. Another problem is that although they have a FAQ page – the questions / answers there are related to SARMs themselves such as what are Sarms?; How to take Sarms?; Recommended Dosage of Sarms?; etc.

So, if you have more questions about the company itself such as shipping; payment etc. you would need to address those questions to the customer support team.

In conclusion we can say that website is very good. You can easily navigate here, find lots of important information quickly, is safe and fast and you can quickly place an order here effortlessly. Product Availability

SRL (Sarms Revolution Lab) is a company that is focused in manufacturing and selling SARMs, of course, but as much as it looks like – there is nothing else except for SARMs. As soon as you check the website, you can buy either by “ALL SARMS” or “SARMS STACKS”.sarm-stacks-sarmsrevolutionlab

There are different stacks of SARMs for different needs such as: lean stack; get ripped; shredded; fighter; get bigger; cutting; warrior etc. as much as it looks like, all of these stacks contain 2-4 different SARMs and they claim that you can save money by choose stacks over single SARMs and plus, you are given some advantages if you buy 3 stacks at once.

Nonetheless, all SARMs from SARMs Stacks can be found in their category entitled “ALL SARMS” where you can buy 9 different SARMs only in the form of liquid containing 30 ml per bottle. There are no encapsulated SARMs or powdered SARMs and there’s nothing else you can buy from at all except for these 9 liquid SARMs.

  • Cardarine (GW-501516)
  • Ligandrol (LGD-4033)
  • Ostarine (MK-2866)
  • Ibutamoren (MK-677)
  • Testolone (RAD-140)
  • Stenabolic (SR-9009)
  • S-23 SARMS
  • Andarine (S4)
  • Myostatin (YK-11)

gw-50150156-sarmsrevolutionlabyk-11-sarmsrevolutionlabsAll of these 9 SARMs are coming in different amounts of SARM per ml, depending on the specific SARM. You can easily identify it as they have a good branding of products as each SARM has its own coloring, with distinctive SRL logo, the SARM and specific amount on the bottle.

The fact they offer 9 most popular SARMs on the market is definitely a great advantage as customers can buy all they need from a single source in terms of SARMs.

  • Nonetheless, you can’t buy anything else at and that’s quite a problem because it is a known fact that a lot of people searching for SARMs often need other products too such as SERMs, AIs, natural compounds and other things.

If you’re among them and you do love what Sarms Revolution Lab has to offer, then you should use this source for SARMs and the other one for other needs.

We find it as a huge advantage when a source has all the needs in a single place, but unfortunately SRL doesn’t seem to have this advantage. You can only buy 9 SARMs that are liquid and that’s it. SARMS Prices

So we checked the prices for SARMs at and unfortunately, we were not happy with our findings. They were definitely right about the fact that they do not have the lowest prices on the market of SARMs.

Remember that SARMs come only as liquid in bottles of 30 ml and different mg/ ml depending on the SARM. It looks like the prices range between $95 and $105 for those SARMs. However, taken in consideration that this is a Canadian SARM manufacturer and provider meant to sell SARMs only for Canadian customers, we are unsure if those prices are in USD or CAD (United States Dollars or Canadian Dollars).

Assuming that those are CAD then the price would be between 78 $ USD and 86 $ USD. Even so, we consider the prices are really high here.

  • For example, Ibutamoren MK-677 is priced 105 $ (assuming that’s in Canadian Dollars then it would be 86 USD) and it comes as 25 mg / ml in a bottle of 30 ml. Therefore, you get 750 mg of MK-677 for 86 USD.
  • Another example – YK-11 Myostatin costs 95 $ (or 78 USD) and that while it contains 10 mg/ ml. Therefore, you pay 76 USD for 300 mg of YK-11.
  • One more example is Testolone RAD-140 which costs $ 105 or 86 USD and it contains 20 mg/ ml meaning 600 mg of RAD-140 is priced at $86 USD.

All these SARMs can be purchased in higher amounts and for lower prices on other sources. In fact, most other sources of SARMs are going to offer lower prices than those you can find at Sarms Revolution Lab. They claim that they offer actually high quality products for such prices, which we surely hope so, nonetheless we still know sources that are offering highest quality SARMs and for lower prices.

Although SARMS prices at are not the absolute worst we’ve seen, they are far away from the best ones either. Even if the SARMs are legit – we are unsure how worthy it is to buy here. Coupon Codes and Discounts

According to what we managed to find, the only way to save some money is to buy SARM Stacks as they claim to help you save 25% on most of their stacks compared to buying SARMs individually. Other than that, you can use the promo code “BUDDY33” and you’re going to get 33% off at checkout + you get FREE shipping when you purchase 3 stacks.

  • So, it seems like you get the FREE shipping + maximum 33% off when you buy 3 stacks (which means you need to buy quite a lot of SARMs all at once) and there’s also 10% off for the first purchase if you subscribe to their newsletter. Not sure if these 2 discounts stack.

Considering their high prices that’s actually very good, but there are many other SARMs sources with much better options allowing customers to save money AND lower prices.

The discount from the promo code at is good, but prices are still higher compared to other SARMs stores. Third Party Lab Tests Results

As said, SRL (Sarms Revolution Lab) pride themselves by offering the best quality and purity SARMs on the entire SARMs market and as they claim, they can prove it with third party (independent) laboratory tests conducted on their products.

That’s an extremely important thing when a SARMs company offers Certificate of Analysis (COA’s) to their customers because in the SARMS industry, is quite a big risk purchasing SARMs without one and simply believing the source’s words. That’s because we know there are just way too many scammers offering fake/ counterfeit/ low quality/ under-dosed SARMs.

  • So, we checked for the those tests proving the quality of SARMs at they do seem to offer one for each compound (see the photo under each SARM) where we noticed they had a photo with HPLC Report that was conducted a bit more than half a year ago which is fairly good.


Nonetheless, what we do not love is the fact that they promised tests conducted by independent laboratories and that’s what we couldn’t find. These up-to-date HPLC reports indicating high quality are conducted by the company itself and whilst we sure hope they are real, we know that there are situations when the results are not real.

Since the tests are performed by the company itself and not by independent laboratories, they may not be reliable. With this being said, the question about the quality of SARMs you can obtain from is still open.

SARMS Revolution Lab Shipping and Return Policy

According to the information we managed to find on their “Policies” page – they are not offering refunds on purchases made at unless they made a mistake in shipment or there’s proof that the purity is not as specified on the site. Even in such cases, the refunds will be issued after the items have been returned to them at buyer’s expense.

If they receive a refund request while the items were not even packed, the refund amount would be at the cost of $50 per transaction!

With all of this being said, it looks like they are having some of the worst return policies! They are making a mistake and you should pay for it! That’s far from making the customers happy with such policies!


In terms of shipping – we couldn’t find a single mention about it so we had to go through the ordering process to find out more about shipping. The only thing to mention, as said – they are offering free shipping if you buy 3 or more SARMs stacks and use the promo code.

  • What is even worse – you are not getting free shipping regardless of order sum if you don’t buy 3 stacks! I had a cart with order sum $428.71 and it is not the fact that I had to pay for shipping at a flat rate of $ 15.99 which is A LOT in my opinion, but there are also taxes: TPS: $22.24 and TVQ: $42.77!

So, you don’t pay for the SARMs a lot and pay for the shipping a lot, but you also pay additional taxes that cost a lot too!

On the checkout page we noticed that they offer shipping in all Canadian provinces, but they do not offer shipping anywhere else outside Canada.

What is the delivery time – remains unknown.

In the end, we think that both shipping and return policies are some of the worst here at compared to all other sources we’ve reviewed so far!

SARMS Revolution Lab Payment Methods

If you think that for whatever the reason you would be happy using this source (we say so because there are just too many drawbacks) – on their checkout page we noticed that you have 2 options to pay for SARMs here:

  • E-transfert (Interac)
  • Credit Cards such as; VISA, MasterCard; American Express; Discover; Diners and JCB


Most customers may find these payment options good enough, yet they are still missing cryptocurrency.

SARMs Revolution Lab Customer Support Team

As said earlier in this review – they are having icons indicating they have Facebook and Instagram accounts; however the links are broken.


We checked the contact page instead where we noticed you can get in touch with the customer support team through the phone number, email address and as mentioned – there’s an exact address of their company located in Quebec, Canada.

Or you could use the online form which is basically the same method as email address.

In the end, it looks like they are missing the social media pages as that could be a good method to get in touch with customer support or a live chat function. Nonetheless, the fact they have an exact address, phone number for urgent questions and an email address – that’s still fairly good. Reviews Written By Real People

If you’re searching for customer reviews about you can notice that the only customer reviews about this source are all only on their own website. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a single mention about this company on other sources.

There are no reviews about Sarms Revolution Lab on any other site other than their own. The reason why we think that’s problematic is because very often, the reviews on the source’s own website are fake. They are either paid or written by the company’s owners so we can’t have full trust in them.


Not trying to say so about the reviews you can find on either for one of their specific products or about the SARMS provider generally, nonetheless, we are not sure how reliable they are.

Since we couldn’t find any reviews about this SARMs company anywhere else other than their own website – it is hard to make a conclusion and I think that’s an alarming sign because usually, trustworthy companies have reviews on independent sites. Conclusion

Sarms Revolution Lab is a SARMs provider located in Canada and offering liquid SARMs only and only to Canadian customers as they do not offer international shipping. They claim to offer the absolute best quality of SARMs in all Canada and USA and they are reliable as they’ve been in the SARMS industry since 2016.

The company does seem to be legit and trustworthy at first sight, in fact, they even seem to be all worth to give them a try due to big promises, very well done website, good looking SARMs, some COAs as well as exact address of their headquarters shared in Quebec + credit cards accepted. Nonetheless, there are risks too. Positives

It seems like the company Sarms Revolution Lab is trying to offer the best quality products and we sure hope so as they offered some COAs, they are accepting credit cards which is a great bonus since not all SARMs suppliers accept this form of payment and they do have a good branding of their SARMs – all of the most popular ones can be purchased here. They have exact addresses shared, a phone number to call as well as an overall good looking site and good customer reviews on their own website. Negatives

Despite them offering COAs – they are not conducted by independent laboratories as we can’t have full trust in them. Same goes for customer reviews which are all positive – but they are on their own website so we can’t have full trust in them either. What we really do not love is the fact that they only offer shipping in Canada, they have huge prices for SARMs alongside huge additional taxes and payment fees and all of that with a really bad return policy! One more thing – you can’t get anything else here than 9 SARMs as liquid form only.


Taken in consideration they have a good looking site, branding of SARMs and positive customer reviews you may think that is absolutely worth purchasing at SARMS Revolution Lab but as you can see – there are a lot of different drawbacks and due to so many of them we wouldn’t actually recommend ordering here. You have much better chances to find a better SARMs store if you would check the top rated stores.

  • PS: There are no customer reviews about this SARMs vendor anywhere online except for their own website and that’s why they can’t be fully trusted. We would have way more trust if you would write a customer review directly here. If you ever had an experience with this store, please share it below. Reviews

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