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SpectreLabs is a USA based SARMs company that is selling and manufacturing SARMs in form of capsules with a worldwide shipping. This company is claiming to be the best place to buy SARMs for sale as they are offering the highest quality SARMs for research purposes in capsule forms for exact dosing.

This SARMs manufacturer Spectre Labs is claiming to offer compounds that are not intended for human consumption but for research purposes only. They claim to offer best SARMs by purpose as some SARMs are good for fat loss, others for promoting muscle gains. Also, they seem to have a lot of information about SARMs in their blogs.

  • Keep in mind that SarmsReviews.to is not working with or against SpectreLabs.org – we are just writing an honest Spectre Labs reviews trying to help customers in finding a reliable source. Ultimate decision of whether to buy or not is up to each user.

The company selling SARMs for sale - SpectreLabs.org is claiming to be located in New York, USA and they are claiming to be the best place to buy those SARMs from due to a multitude of reasons.

First of all is because of quality and transparency. They claim that everyone can buy with confidence absolutely effortlessly. They promise that products are tested by third party laboratories to meet the highest standards in terms of purity and concentration.

Then there’s reliable shipping as they claim to offer free and same-day shipping all along with shipping worldwide and guarantee delivery. They make sure that customers receive packages without damages all along with the fastest shipping services.

And then there’s satisfaction guaranteed where they promise you’re going to be satisfied or you get your money back. They offer risk free purchase, secure checkout, easy returns and tracking alerts.

All of this surely sounds amazing. SpectreLabs.org seems to cover the most important aspects when talking about buying SARMs for sale online and we surely hope they would keep their promises. Nevertheless, in order to find out if that’s true, there are various factors that we’re going to check first. We would write this review based on those factors that we are closely going to pay attention to about Spectre Labs company and based on them, we hope it would help you with your decision in buying SARMs here or staying away from the company.

We will be reviewing the following: Website Usability; Product Availability; SARMs prices; Third Party Lab Tests; Payment Options; Shipping and Return Policies; Customer Support; Customer Reviews and others.

SpectreLabs.org Summary


Spectre Labs seem to manufacture 100% of their products in USA as they are located in New York with an exact address offered if required. Although based in USA, they claim that Spectre Labs is a leading provider of SARMs research chemicals both in United States as well as in Europe, all along being the most competitively priced SARMs provider online.

The company tries to make clear that SpectreLabs.org sells high quality SARMs for sale only for the purpose of research. But regardless why you may search for SARMs, at SpectreLabs – they are putting effort to offer only quality research chemicals. They want to make sure that all researchers and scientist buying from them are going to work with the purest materials.

By inspecting SpectreLabs.org website we did managed to find a lot of advantages as much as it seems like. For example, they do seem to offer third party lab test results, the prices for SARMs are really competitive and they offer a lot of different products which may be of great help. Customers all over the world are free to buy SARMs for sale here and plus to that – there are lots of convenient payment methods.

Nonetheless, we did managed to find some pretty alarming issues too. For example, their Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy pages are not working making us wonder if they have any. In addition to that, they are not offering any information about returns making us wonder if they have any. Although they claim to be a leading SARMs provider, there are only 2 customer reviews we managed to find and one of them is negative. What’s even more alarming – the company recommends to buy from another SARMs company that we already reviewed – Proven Peptides. This makes us wonder the authenticity of the source.

SpectreLabs.org Advantages

  • Except for SARMs – lots of other compounds to choose from
  • Actually competitive prices for SARMs
  • Good payment methods and if you can’t find your preferred one – use contact form

SpectreLabs.org Disadvantages

  • Valuable information about Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy misses
  • 2 customer reviews only – one is negative
  • Not sure if they have return policy AND the company itself recommends using other source


SarmsReviews.to is not selling SARMs and is not recommending their use. In fact, the use of SARMs in humans is prohibited. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are intended for research purpose only, despite the fact that there are so many people claiming to have so good results for their physique and performance enhancement purposes. Our website is not responsible for anyone using them irresponsible.

SarmsReviews.to is only an informational website trying to help customers into finding trustworthy sources of SARMs and indicating those that are most likely scamming. We do not recommend the use of SARMs and we’re not having partnership with any SARMs stores.

The ultimate decision where to buy SARMs and how to use them for is up to each person, SarmsReviews.to does not have control on this and cannot be held guilty for someone using SARMs irresponsible or purchasing SARMs from a source and being scammed.

SpectreLabs.org Website Usability


By navigating a little bit through the website spectrelabs.org we can say with certitude that their website usability is really good. Even absolute beginners who never visited the site before would find whatever they need here in a matter of minutes.

Their website is easy to use and the entire website seems fresh which makes it pleasant to the eye, pleasant to use and allows for a quick navigation.

The information seem to be well displayed and well arranged, you can find everything you need pretty fast and as much as it looks like, they are not having dangerous links or something that may expose your sensitive information or make your device catch some viruses.


Customers can register at SpectreLabs but there’s no need to do so in case you don’t want to or you’re in a hurry and want to order as soon as possible. Yet, you can register for faster orders in future if you wish to.

They are having icons indicating which types of payments they accept including other information. When comes to everything earlier mentioned, everything seem to be perfect. Nonetheless, we still managed to find some issues and they are pretty alarming.

First of all, they share icons indicating their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts, nonetheless – none of them works. Other than that, they have a FAQ section, but all the questions are about SARMs and how to use them, not about the company itself. And when you try to find out more information by checking the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy – those pages don’t work pretty much as the clickable elements with social media accounts.

  • That’s alarming as is hard to have trust in a site without Privacy Policy and without Terms & Conditions. But what’s even worse – on their FAQ section you can find the question: “Where to Buy SARMs?” and what’s extremely alarming, through the answer you can find them recommending to buy another source of SARMs – Proven Peptides.



This makes us wonder if they made it intentionally or not, but regardless what’s the answer, this raises big questions about their authenticity and if it’s actually safe to use this SpectreLabs.org, especially with everything earlier mentioned.


In the end, website overview and usability of spectrelabs.org seems to be fine, that’s a well made site looking good allowing you to order fast, but checking through their website we have big questions about the legitimacy of the site.

SpectreLabs.org Product Availability


As long as a supplier doesn’t offer the required products, obviously you can’t use it. So we think is very important for a company to offer all the required compounds so a potential customer would get everything required from the same source. Especially taken in consideration that very often, customers of SARMs require other compounds except for SARMs only.

All products are displayed in their “Catalogue” where you can find: Estrogen Control; Stack SARMS; SARMS; Blend Research Peptides; Research Chemicals; Research Peptides.

Or you can find the categories on their main page where you can find the number of compounds in each category:


Except for SARMs, they seem to have lots of different compounds which is great. They seem to have many peptides as well as many other different products like AIs, SERMs, compounds capable to deal with ED issues and many others.


As much as it seems like, only SARMs and SARMs stacks and one anti estrogen come in form of capsules – all the rest come as liquid form. SARMs come only as capsules as there is no liquid or powder form.

About Pre-Made Stacks – it seems like they have 7 different products that contain 2 different SARMs such as: GW & SR; MK2866 & LGD; RAD & LGD and others.


Then we checked the SARMs themselves were it seems like SpectreLabs.org doesn’t offer exotic SARMs, but cardarine-spectrelabsinstead, they are offering all 9 different and most popular SARMs out there:

  • S4 Andarine
  • SR-9009 Stenabolic
  • YK-11
  • S-23
  • RAD 140 Testolone
  • MK-677 Ibutamoren
  • MK-2866 Ostarine
  • GW-501516 Cardarine
  • LGD-4033 Ligandrol

As said – all of them come in form of capsules only in bottles of 90 capsules.

Their branding of products looks really good, with an all black bottle with the distinctive Spectre Labs logo and white lettered easy to see what SARM is contained in the bottle and its dosage.

In conclusion, Spectre Labs seem to do a great job in terms of product availability. Customers have really high chances to find whatever they need here in terms of SARMs as well as other product that are often required when planning to buy SARMs for sale.

  • The only thing that seem to be missing is the liquid or powder form of SARMs (and maybe powder and tablets form of other compounds) – everything else seems perfect here.

SpectreLabs.org SARMs Prices

Despite the fact that Spectre Labs seems to offer a big variety of compounds, we’re going to pay attention specifically to those 9 different encapsulated SARMs prices and based on them, we hope that all other types of products you can find at SpectreLabs.org are in the same price range.

We determine the prices for SARMs here at SpectreLabs in comparison with other sources of SARMs we reviewed so far and based on our knowledge and experience, we would determine if the prices for SARMs here are actually good or not.

For determining the actual price, we would pay attention to that total price per bottle as well as the amount of pills per bottle and amount of SARM (mg) per pill. This would indicate the total amount (in mg) you would need to spend for the price.

The prices for those 9 SARMs are ranged between $59.99 and $69.99 per bottle. All bottles contain 90 capsules but each SARM comes with their own amount per pill.

  • First example: GW-501516 Cardarine would cost you 59.99 USD per bottle of 90 capsules containing 10 mg of SARM per capsule. It means the price is 59.99 USD for 900 mg of Cardarine. To be honest – that’s a great price!
  • Another example: YK-11 is also going to cost you 59.99 USD for 90 capsules containing 5 mg of SARM per capsule. Therefore, you would pay $ 59.99 for 450 mg of YK-11 and we consider this to be a very good price!
  • Last example: RAD-140 Testolone costs $10 more – 69.99 USD for a bottle of 90 capsules containing 15 mg of this SARM per capsule. Therefore, you would end up paying 69.99 USD for a total of 1350 mg of Testolone and honestly – that’s a great price again!


In conclusion, it does look like the prices for SARMs at SpectreLabs.org are actually very competitive compared to other sources. It does seem like you might save some money compared to other SARMs vendors, or at least, you won’t spend more compared to others as Spectre Labs does seem to offer SARMs for sale!

SpectreLabs.org Coupon Codes and Discounts

We were happy to see the good-priced SARMs at SpectreLabs.org, however, it would be even better if customers could save some extra money too – as many other SARMs suppliers seem to offer coupon codes and discounts or other forms to save money.

We’ve been researching for ways to save money and it seems like they are offering free shipping to orders over $150 but only to USA orders.


Other than that, we managed to find on their checkout page that you can add a coupon code, but we are not aware if it works, not aware how to get the coupon codes and not sure what type of discount you’re given.


Unfortunately, SpectreLabs.org doesn’t seem to offer anything else more. You can only use the coupon codes if they are working at all and have to find out what they offer and where to find them, and if you live in USA, you can benefit from free shipping.

We do appreciate that prices for SARMs here are actually competitive, but there are other SARMs vendors with similar prices AND many other coupon codes and discounts as well as methods to save money such as buy in bulk and save, discounts for newcomers and others.

SpectreLabs.org Third Party Lab Tests Results

As mentioned, this vendor Spectre Labs claims that all their SARMs are tested by third party laboratories to ensure maximum quality of product. That’s something very important in SARMs industry taken in consideration that there are too much false claims and bunk SARMs floating on the market.

We managed to find a page entitled “LAB TEST” where you can find 8 different Certificate of Analysis (COA) conducted by MZ Biolabs. The only SARM that doesn’t have a COA seem to be S23, but taken in consideration that all others do have one and according to report by the third party laboratory – they are all of a high quality, we assume S23 is of same quality.


We can have higher trust in this seller taken in consideration that tests are actually conducted by third laboratory (as mentioned, MZ Biolabs) and that they do not seem to be outdated (tests conducted about 3 months ago at the moment of writing this review).

With all of this being said, SARMs sold by SpectreLabs.org do seem to be of a high quality and you have high chances you would love the quality of their products.

Spectre Labs Shipping and Return Policy

We already mentioned that Spectre Labs is offering free shipping on orders over $150 USD for orders within USA. Nonetheless, according to the list of countries on their checkout page, it does seems like they are offering worldwide shipping which allows everyone ordering here regardless of your country or area.

  • As much as it seems like, all orders come with a tracking and the shipping fee is $20 for international orders or $10 for orders within USA. There seem to be only one shipping method, regardless of your region.



What’s sad – we couldn’t find any information about their return policy and we couldn’t find any other information about their shipping policy. Not sure how fast they would dispatch, the delivery periods etc.

In terms of shipping policy – we would need to find more information and it would be great if they would add an expedited shipping option. In terms of return policy – they don’t have one.

  • We managed to find it out by talking with their customer support team through live chat suggesting they don’t have expedited shipping and don’t accept returns! *see below screenshot* That’s quite a risk because if you don’t love the quality of SARMs – there’s no way you can get your money back!

Spectre Labs Payment Options

As mentioned, there are some icons on their website indicating the payment methods accepted by spectrelabs.org and they include various credit cards as well as Bitcoin. To check it out - we went to their checkout page where we were pleasantly surprised to see how many convenient payment methods they have AND custom payment.


According to the information on the checkout; you can use:

  • Secure Credit/Debit Card Through Mesh ($1000 MAX)
  • Bitcoin With Cashapp
  • Zelle (Online Bank Transfer)
  • Bitcoin/Altcoin Bitcoin/Altcoin
  • Custom Payment

So, it does seems like most customers would find their preferred method of payment through credit cards (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express), cryptocurrency; or Zelle bank transfer as these are some of the most popular payments among most customers.

  • Nonetheless, if you still can’t find a suitable payment option for you, they ask for leaving them a note about preferred payment method and they would contact you back.

Payment methods at SpectreLabs.org does seem to be a big bonus!

Spectre Labs Customer Support Team



We already discussed with their customer support team through the live chat function where we were confirmed that no expedited shipping options are available (not even in USA) and that they do not accept returns. We were answered within a few minutes after asking the questions through the live chat which is great.

  • Other than the live chat – an amazing option to use (as they claim 24/7) that far not all SARMs suppliers offer, they also have a phone number which you can call, the exact address of headquarters in USA, New York as well as the email function.



All of this makes Spectre Labs’ customer support team pretty useful!

SpectreLabs.org Customer Reviews

By researching for customer reviews about SpectreLabs.org online we only managed to find 2 reviews, both written on Trust Pilot.


That’s already a problem because for whatever the reason, the company doesn’t have too many reviews and that’s quite alarming suggesting that the company is either new (is harder to have trust in newer companies) either almost nobody uses this SARMs merchant for whatever the reason.

An even bigger problem is that one spectrelabs.org review on trustpilot is positive and the other is negative (one person offered 5 out of 5 stars, the other one – 1 stars saying that they had an awful experience).


Is hard to make a conclusion based on only 2 reviews that are so different. To our opinion, SpectreLabs.org should consider a strategy on how to increase the number of customer reviews about their store.

SpectreLabs.org Conclusion

Spectre Labs is a SARMs supplier and manufacturer located in USA that is promising highest quality SARMs for sale manufactured in USA. The company is located in New York but offers shipping all over the world with seemingly, convenient payment methods.

They promise over 99% purity of products tested by 3rd party laboratories and therefore, they claim to be the best place to buy SARMs. They are claiming to offer same-day shipping worldwide to their quality products and be a company full of transparency. However, although they claim to offer satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back, they do not accept returns, which implies a risk.

SpectreLabs.org Positives

As much as it looks like, the company SpectreLabs.org does seem to be a very good one as they share the exact address of company and they have an overall easy to use website that’s looking really good. The vendor seem to have a large product availability which is great and plus to that, they have great SARMs prices with third party lab tests for those SARMs. They seem to offer great customer support that answer questions within minutes 24/7 all along with worldwide shipping and convenient payment methods.

SpectreLabs.org Negatives

All of that sounds amazing, but we still managed to find some issues that may make you think twice before ordering here. For example, they do not seem to have a privacy policy and no terms & conditions which is extremely important for any type of business. Other than that, they claim satisfaction guarantee but they do not accept returns which is a big problem because in case you don’t love their products – you are unlikely to get money back. A lot of information about shipping, their company, privacy etc. seems to be missing for whatever the reason. The company has only 2 customer reviews and one of them is negative! What’s even more alarming – for whatever the reason, they recommend to use ANOTHER SARMs vendor.


At first glance, you may be tempted to buy SARMs here at SpectreLabs.org taken in consideration good SARMs prices, wide variety of products, worldwide shipping and convenient payment methods. But when paying attention to details, it does looks like there are some pretty big issues that SpectreLabs.org should fix in order to understand that they are actually legit and is safe sending your hard earned money. Therefore, we recommend to check the top rated stores of SARMs where you might find safer alternatives.

  • PS: Spectre Labs has only 2 customer reviews that are very different and that’s both alarming and confusing. Help us as well as other potential customers understand whether is worth doing business with the company or not by writing your own customer review here if you ever had experience with this SARMs store.

SpectreLabs.org Reviews

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2 reviews

Did you receive your order?
Customer Support & Ordering Process
Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Products Ordered
Product Effects
Do you recommend this supplier?
(Updated: November 30, -1)


I have been fighting with them for a week. The morning I ordered, a shipping label was created but nothing since. I have spoken to at least 7 different people who apologized relentlessly and profusely and said that the tracking is slow to update (I called BS on that). I have been told that they have no direct contact with the shipper? Whatever that means. They told me that it was re-sent, but no new shipping label was created. I've also been told that it has been escalated to management at least 4 times. I asked where they were located and the response was you can email the admin. Their English is not very good, so I am convinced they are not stateside. Someone mentioned China which is a good possibility and a likely probability. I have asked, then demanded a refund but I have been getting jerked around about that, as well. Suffice to say I don't expect the product to arrive nor receive refund. So, if you want to a hassle and to fight, by all means order from them. Otherwise, steer clear.

Do you recommend this supplier?

No, I do not!
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(Updated: November 30, -1)


SCAMMER.. they provide me with fake tracking number, please never deal with them

Do you recommend this supplier?

No, I do not!
Report this review Was this review helpful? 0 2
(Updated: November 30, -1)

Customer Support & Ordering Process

Customer support and shipping were terrible.
Also there web address is American based and they claim to have labs, they are Chinese...........

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Shipping was terrible, no tracking

Products Ordered

Not sure what I am getting now after the fraudulent way they represent themselves.

Product Effects

Because of there lack of transparency I am now dubious to even try the products as I am not sure what it is.


Terrible unethical NEVER BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!

Do you recommend this supplier?

No, I do not!
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(Updated: November 30, -1)


2022 Spectre labs are terrible. Never provide tracking number. When asked to provide one they quickly create a USPS label and never ship any items (as shown by USPS). Email support is useless

Do you recommend this supplier?

No, I do not!
Report this review Was this review helpful? 2 2
(Updated: November 30, -1)
Overall rating

Customer Support & Ordering Process

fast delivery with fast responses from customer support. ordering process was fine

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

fast delivery and well packaging. no issues

Products Ordered

ordered sarms to bulk
Testolone (RAD 140)
Ligandrol (LGD 4033)
Ibutamoren (MK677)

Product Effects

i expected more results from such a bulking combo. i made sure my diet is good enough and working out 4-5 days a week. doses seem to be as described but i expected more effects in terms of strength and effects. i can say i feel them working, but again, not as expected


overall good supplier. prices seem to be fair, fast delivery, friendly customer support, products come exactly as described and so on and so forth. they seem to be real sarms too. i just thought i'm going to get more results. been using 3 different encapsulated bulking sarms from spectrelabs.org and the results were fine, but nothing exceptional. i can recommend this sarm store to others though

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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Top 10 Reviewer 2 reviews
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(Updated: November 30, -1)
Overall rating

Customer Support & Ordering Process

The stuff came in capsules which is great compare to the liquid ones that other sells.. What else may i add? came pretty fast. like 2 days and the stuff is strong af. Defiantly recommended. amazing product.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Packaging is very very professional and delivery is lighting fast. I felt like it was on amazon prime. On top of that Credit card options is a breeze

Products Ordered


Product Effects

The product is fantastic, strong af


Best lab i've used for my experimentations :)

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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Top 50 Reviewer 1 reviews
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