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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Very supportive. Easy ordering process. They have very convenient payment methods compared to many other sources I've seen so far. Customer support was friendly and answering my questions professionally.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Always on time, always all items very well packed. Nothing damaged, nothing missing. Doesn't take too long to reach my door.

Products Ordered

I had multiple experiences with Chemyo and in most cases they were almost 100% perfect. I am always getting only solutions SARMs (not sure how to use powders so never ordered them). I guess I tried all their SARMs so far.

Product Effects

I can feel their SARMs products working but they feel differently (same SARM) from time to time and wondering if they change something in their SARMs or IDK. Hopefully they do not decrease dosage/ purity. At the moment is my favorite source. I can feel the compounds working well. I used many SARMs and always feeling their effects with fat loss, increases in muscles and strength and bonus: increased libido. I perform better in gym and in bed and I feel more confident - all whilst looking better.


I do recommend Chemyo for offering always professional service and good SARMs. One note just: It seems like sometimes their SARMs are more powerful than other times (same SARM) and that's just strange. I doubt is my body reacting differently to same SARM. Nonetheless, quality is always undoubtful, although could be better. Love the price, site, delivery etc.

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Yes, I do!
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