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Paradigm Peptides is a company that is mostly oriented in manufacturing and selling peptides which was established back in 2014. This merchant claims to have a panel of experts that are having a vast experience in researching chemicals. At you may find a really big selection of various different products that are coming both in liquid as well as in form of tablet.

This company is offering many products including Peptides; SARMs; Research Chemicals; Lab Supplies; Nootropics as well as CBD. They claim that quality of products is everything and that’s why customers would be able to purchase only best quality compounds that are all verified and tested, offering a purity of no less than 98%.

Today, on you will be able to find the most important information about Paradigm Peptides and better understand whether is this vendor worth doing business with or not. Although they are mostly oriented in selling Peptides, customers are still capable to find SARMs. Here you will be able to find info that would make it easier to understand if is good for your needs.

Words of Caution does looks like they have already built a solid reputation since the very first time we heard about them. The fact that they are on the market for a long period is already a big advantage taken in consideration that they have a reputation to maintain and generally – older companies have lower chances of disappearing overnight, unlike newer unverified sellers.

Therefore, we consider that customers won’t be scammed by Paradigm Peptides and they might buy good quality products. In addition to that, the ability to purchase PCT and Peptides from the same place where you can buy SARMs from and be almost 100% sure that you won’t be scammed – is all a huge advantage.

In the end, we consider that people who are searching for sources with big selection of products they would really love to shop from this place. As any other source, Paradigm Peptides comes with their own advantages and disadvantages.


We would share them all below:


  • One of the biggest selections of products you can find compared to other sources, including PCT products, research materials, and obviously peptides and SARMs.
  • Worldwide shipping and having a vast payment options.
  • Laboratory tested products that come in form of pills.


  • Their SARMs do not come in anything else than just pills and some products are out of stock.
  • 15% restocking fee on returned items
  • They are not accepting returns on peptides

Below we would review the SARMs supplier where you might be able to find multiple other types of products too.

In this review you will find information about who they are, what this company sells and various other information that is required to check before deciding whether the source is worth it or not. After that, we are going to examine their lab testing results which is extremely important and give you our opinions on about them in comparison with other SARMs sources. We would also talk about promotions as well as discount codes or other ways how to save money if you do decide to buy something from Paradigm Peptides.

Who is Paradigm Peptides?


Paradigm Peptides is a company specialized in peptides manufacturing and selling, nonetheless customers are also capable to find other research chemicals including, of course, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators – SARMs. This company is based in USA, having labs in Tennesse as well as manufacturing premises in the mid-west, they managed to build a reputation by offering products of high quality since they were founded in 2014.

As soon as you enter their website, you might see a very well arranged site with clear information and being easy to access and navigate.

They claim to be a premium online source offering premium quality peptides and SARMs that are all backed up by scientific testing as well as proven results – all of which adds to its credibility.

Doing some more researches, we’ve managed to find information claiming that this is the only peptide producer that is taking their time and cost in order to remove the trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) from the peptide formulas and that’s great because this is going to prevent the contamination as well as tissue damage at the injection site. Therefore, they claim that their peptides are the best you can find on the market.

Taken in consideration we’re mostly oriented in reviewing SARMs sellers, we are mostly checking their SARMs products and with the information earlier mentioned, we assume and hope that they are taking the same care when manufacturing SARMs, that’s why we are expecting only best quality products received from

What SARMs Are Sold By Paradigm Peptides?

As mentioned, Paradigm Peptides is a company that is mostly focused in selling and manufacturing Peptides, as their own name suggests about this, but they do sell some SARMs too. According to the information that we managed to find, there is a total of 8 different SARMs, all of which come in form of pills; including some of the classic as well as new age chemicals.


They have a total list of 12 different products, but 4 of which come in 2 different formulations and it does looks like they are both coming as pills, although the package seem to be in form of powder. This is not-really-clear-information is not a good thing. Plus to that, 2 out of total 12 items seem to be out of stock at the moment of writing this article.


They are offering:

  • YK-11
  • S-4 Andarine
  • SR-9009 Stenabolic
  • Ostarine MK-2866 (which is out of stock)
  • MK-677 Ibutamoren (in 2 forms)
  • Rad-140 Testolone (in 2 forms)
  • LGD-4033 (in 2 forms one of which is out of stock)
  • Cardarine GW-501516 (in 2 forms)

As much as we can see, the selection is pretty good as Paradigm Peptides does seem to have all the bases covered. Nonetheless, taken in consideration that they only offer 12 items, 8 of which are unique SARMs and 2 of those items are out of stock – is left for something more to be desired.

Pluses of Paradigm Peptides

list-paradigm-peptidesThis is a Peptides company mostly and that’s important to take in consideration, because they are not focused on SARMs mostly, despite that, they are having all the top SARMs available and that’s good thing, as well as the fact that they seem to be all reputable, with high quality SARMs offering third party laboratory tests and an easy to navigate website.

Paradigm Peptides does seem to be pretty good at building a brand and gaining good reputation for research materials over the last 6 years since they were founded. What we really love about is that it looks like they are taking extra care of the manufacturing process – which is very appreciated.

The fact that they remove the TFA from the peptides, offer constant laboratory tests results on their website as well as all the packing technologies for their products is making Paradigm Peptides stand out in terms of quality assurance processes.

With this being said, this SARMs source does seem to offer only high quality SARMs with a good reputation. They are also offering various different supplies and ancillaries including PCT, Nootropics and various others. They are a trustworthy source with quality products and reasonable prices too. They are not selling cheapest SARMs we managed to find, yet, taken in consideration extra case for offering high quality products – the price is reasonable. Branding

Paradigm Peptides is a company that does seem to have a clean branding on its products that are prepackaged. Their products are featuring a black container on the label, with a blue lid as well as a black and blue label. Or, you may find the all white package assumingly for the SARMs company as powder.

The all white package might not feel really good or professional when checking, but those products with Paradigm Peptides branding do offer a professional look, making the product look overall really good, exactly as the overall site of this company.

We can guess that the company tries to save some money by not offering anything on the label of bulk powder. The plain, white plastic tear open bag doesn’t offer a professional look as they are not even offering any distinguishable branding on it. Hopefully, the quality of products is same as on other products with their branding labeled on it.


Lab Testing Results of SARMs

According to the information that we managed to find on – they are testing absolutely all of their products for purity and safety and everyone is free to check the third party lab testing results for those products to be reassured that what they are purchasing is of best quality. Under each product you are able to find a batch report or assay test results to check. But if you want something more, you may ask for it their customer support service team, which, by the way, seem to take their jobs seriously.

According to what we managed to find so far, it does seems like Paradigm Peptides is offering a good value for money when talking about their SARMs and overall the idea of doing business with this SARMs vendor. Thanks to the third party laboratory testing results – this is offering confidence in the fact that we are working with a real company that is selling real products, not an underground lab offering God knows what.

No wonder that Paradigm Peptides is in the top list among the best SARMs supplier on our website. They are giving the impression of valuing their customers and their reputation, hence they offer professional looking website, products and testing protocols, all for good prices.


Paradigm Peptides Refunds

According to the information that we managed to find on their website, does seem to offer a money back guarantee as they are ready to accept refunds when talking about all of their SARMs, regardless either we are talking about Andarine, Cardarine, Stenabolic or whatever others.

If you do not love the quality of the product or you decided to return the products for whatever the reason, simply make sure to return the product in the original packaging unopened, and this company is going to start processing your refund. We really hope that this is not a false claim, although it should be as long as they are trying to maintain a good reputation among customers.

Nonetheless, a disadvantage is the fact that Paradigm Peptides is not accepting refunds on peptides. We are mostly oriented in reviewing SARMs, but we still should mention this. According to them, they don’t accept it because of the possible degradation of the peptides.

Please note that Paradigm Peptides is not going to cover the fee for a reship, that’s why you will need to handle those costs yourself.


Payment Methods on

According to info we found, those people who are planning to be regular customers of Paradigm Peptides company, are recommended to use credit or debit card payment options. The fact that they do accept credit card payments is already a huge advantage that is not seen in all SARMs sellers. The con is that the maximum sum acceptable through credit card is $1000, so you can’t use this payment if planning to buy in bulk. Payment with credit card is with MESH.

Other payment methods that accepts include: eCheck, Venmo as well as cryptocurrency including alternative forms of payments for the orders placed on their website. They are running a secure payment processor indicating an encrypted technology from end-to-end in order to protect your data, or at least that’s what the company claims.


Paradigm Peptides Shipping Details

A very good advantage of is the fact that this company is shipping all their products including peptides and SARMs internationally. As much as it looks like, they are shipping worldwide, regardless of the country where you live. That’s why you can buy your goods regardless of area living. As much as we noticed, this SARMs and peptides company is using UPS carriers.


Please note: all packages purchased from Paradigm Peptides that are over $500 in value will require a signature for being released.

Paradigm Peptides is a company that is shipping locally in the US using USPS for general orders, however they are shipping through UPS for orders with high value. This company is claiming to package and shipping all their orders within 48 hours maximum after they received the payment. However, when choosing eCheck on their site and want to pay through this option, they warn you that it might take up to 10 business days in order to confirm the payment, which is required for shipping your order.

At the checkout page of you are capable to find they are offering expedited shipping options. In case your order is going to be damaged during shipping transit, you should be taking a photo and send it to the customer service team, they would send a replacement of your items.

Discounts and Deals at Paradigm Peptides

We managed to find that Paradigm Peptides is offering some discount coupons. They may be found on Facebook and Instagram pages offering a discount of 15% in form of coupon code that should be entered at the checkout page to save some money when ordering. Occasionally, they are offering some mega sales with discounts that are up to 20%.


Paradigm Peptides Reputation


Paradigm Peptides does seem to have various different pages on various different social medias. Nonetheless, they do not seem to be very active there. Yet, they still seem to have a pretty good reputation and popularity among SARMs customers.

The fact that Paradigm Peptides was founded years ago plays a good role in the fact they have a good reputation.

Conclusion About

All in all, we do love the fact that can be trusted in the first place. This company is pretty old and they are offering good quality products including Nootropics, Peptides, SARMs and many others, offering quality assurance by testing all their SARMs. This SARMs source is offering all the base (most popular) SARMs and the prices seem to be pretty reasonable.

Good customer support service with a phone number and address mentioned on their website. Worldwide shipping and a good amount of payment options available adds to the already solid reputation of Paradigm Peptides.

Anyone who had some experience with Paradigm Peptides might write down about it in the comments section below. If you’ve ever been dealing with we would really like to hear from you. This would greatly help us get a better idea of how trustworthy this company is and would help other potential customers of SARMs that are looking for best deals. In addition to that, here at you are capable to find some other great places to find the best SARMs products at cheap prices. Check the SARMs source list and choose which one is better suits up your needs.

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Customer Support & Ordering Process

an almost overall perfect store with great customer support and very fast and easy ordering process & convenient payment options.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

from the moment i ordered until the moment i got the delivery with my items - everything was great

Products Ordered

Ordered products SR-9009 Stenabolic; GW-501516 Cardarine as pills.

Product Effects

good effects. my workout intensity and longevity increased. This made me more powerful and more muscular. effects were seen in mid cycle


i can recomend paradisgm peptides for their sarms. never used their actual peptide though...

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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Overall rating

Customer Support & Ordering Process

The customer support was pretty good. Better than other sources, but I did had a better customer support experience at other sources. Not perfect, but not bad. Still pretty good. My questions are asked professionally in a timely manner, although they could elaborate more and answer a bit faster. Nonetheless, no problems whatsoever, I doubt someone would have issues with this.
Ordering process was fine, but you're right about many products being out of stock as written in the above review. I wanted to buy a few things from them but they don't have it at the moment. Will need to return and order again if they restock.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Packaging was good, as it should be when shipping items. Everything was discreet and packed in a manner that won't damage the products during transit. Loved it and love the entire delivery and shipping process. Ordered on Thursday, was expecting my items to arrive Friday or Saturday morning. They arrived Monday, still very good.

Products Ordered

Wanted to buy Ligandrol (LGD-4033) capsules but they are out of stock. Cardarine powder is also out of stock, but luckily I only needed capsules and they had it on stock. They don't have YK-11 as capsules, unfortunately, had to buy as powder. Good stuff whatever the case.

Product Effects

As it was mentioned earlier, Paradigm offers good stuff. I purchased both SARMS as capsules and as powder. Yes the branding of powder products looks cheap, but the insides are good. I did used SARMS previously and i know how they should work. Therefore I know that both YK-11 and Ligandrol works as expected. Prices are good too, but I expected some more discounts etc.
Recommending Paradigm Peptides.
For whatever is worth, I use only USA based companies - I have most trust in them. This company proven that I'm right about my choices.


I do recommend Paradigm Peptides at least for their SARMS. I never ordered peptides from them but I'm planning doing so on my next order. Everything was as described and as expected. Fast delivery, good products, good experience from customer support team

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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