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We’ve been researching for SARMs stores when we found out about which got our interest and we, at wanted to help you guys by writing a honest review about it. We think that this may be very helpful to a lot of people, especially for beginners who don’t know where to start purchasing their SARMs from and they have found out about Proven Peptides and may be interested whether this source is worth it or not.


The first thing we do in reviewing a SARMs supplier is check their own website, all the information possible and then trying to find as much as possible information about it online. That’s what we tried to do with too but as soon as enter their website, on the top of their page you can see the message:

Proven Peptides is Ceasing Operations Effective Immediately.


With this being said, that’s strange the site is still there. We assume that they may be planning a rebranding, site changes or simply getting back to work and selling SARMs later. We couldn’t find any information anywhere suggesting whether or not Proven Peptides would ever be active.

We did found a lot of information about this SARMs supplier, but we assume there’s no point in sharing it here and writing a Proven Peptides review now, at least, until they are offline. promises to write a full review about if they would ever start operating again.

That’s especially taken in consideration that whilst searching online, we noticed that a lot of people know about this source and according to the information on their website, they seemed to be a pretty good SARMs merchant, which, unfortunately, closed their doors. It seems like they used to be a pretty good source of SARMs that many people were used to get their products from.


If you’re a person who used to buy SARMs from and now you found out they are not activating anymore – there’s no need to be worried because go you covered with a list of great SARMs stores. Simply check for the top list of SARMs suppliers that are rated by real customers who had real experiences with those sources. The top rated sources are those that YOU, a customer, give its rate. only tries to help with information and a piece of advice, but the best rated sources are rated by customers, not by our subjective opinion. We’re pretty sure that you would find the perfect source of SARMs for your needs through that list.

  • As for Proven Peptides – we are sorry they are closed. They seemed to be a good SARMs store located in USA with a good amount of people having trust in them. Now that we think about it – is a real evidence that even those SARMs stores that are having a good reputation and are authentic can close their doors.

By this we’re trying to warn our readers that if is writing a good review about a SARMs store, it doesn’t mean that they paid us or we’re affiliate with them in anyway. We write honest reviews only and if the review is negative it doesn’t mean we have anything against them and if is positive, it doesn’t mean we’re with them. is about honesty. We hope that all SARMs vendors are about honesty too.

  • PS: if you previously had experience with Proven Peptides in the days they were open you can still write it down here if you wish. At the moment this may not make a big change, but if they ever re-appear, your review would be worth a lot! Reviews

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