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SAF Research is a company that seems to be based in USA, however they seem to have the headquarters located in London, UK – something we find extremely strange. SAF Research company is a manufacturer and seller of SARMs and Peptides (offering 2 different sites for SARMs and Peptides). They are having many different SARMs solutions including Stacks and various other chemicals. SAF Research is former company that you may know it as Swole AF Labs. That’s how it ended up as SAF (Swole As F***) Labs = Research.

Therefore, their previous website is redirecting you to which is same rebranded company. Due to the change and various factors – this manufacturer and seller of SARMs and other products is believing to be a better version of themselves. Now they are claiming to offer the best quality compounds for the best possible prices you can find on the market.

  • Note that is not affiliate with (formerly We don’t have anything to do with this company – we just write a honest review about this SARMs vendor trying to help others in determining whether is worth doing business here or not.

Despite the company claiming to offer compounds only for research purposes, is pretty clear from their company’s name (which we find pretty strange) and products sold – that many of their customers buy SARMs for sale for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Especially since they offer SARMs according to your level of experience with them – Beginners; Intermediate; Advanced.

The company pride themselves with best quality products, offering Stacks and other promotions (such as 12 weeks cycle stacks etc.) as well as great discounts for their products including buy one and get one free promotion.

They claim to be very active on social media where you would find a lot of comments and likes from their customers when searching for SAF Research (formerly Swole AF Labs). They claim to offer maximum customer satisfaction because they are passionate about what the company does.

They claim to offer various convenient payment methods to their customers and they try to remain transparent by offering company’s exact address and even company’s registration number.

We sure hope that all of that is true and that is worth doing business with SAF Research by analyzing various different important factors and writing them down here at this Review. In order to determine this, we’re going to check various important factors such as: Website Usability; Product Availability; SARMs prices; Third Party Lab Tests; Payment Options; Shipping and Return Policies; Customer Support and Customer Reviews. Summary


This manufacturer and seller of SARMs (as well as other chemicals including Peptides) called SAF Research (formerly Swole AF Labs) is sharing the headquarter address in UK, nonetheless – they do not offer shipping to UK locations. In fact, it looks like shipping is only in USA and Canada.

The company seem to have a lot of different claims such as offering best quality products, offering them for the best possible prices online and in addition to that – best customer service you can find on the market. All of this surely sounds great, exactly as is the fact that they seem to be transparent and try to prove to customers that they indeed try to do their best to fulfill customers’ needs. does seem to have a lot of positive aspects when doing a quick research. For example, they do offer third party lab tests results that we can have trust in, they have convenient discounts and coupon codes that help you save money all along with a really good amount of products you can buy from them. You can find almost all SARMs (including some exotic ones that are hard to find elsewhere) in form of both oral capsules as well as liquids and you can buy them with convenient payment methods. All of this whilst offering great methods to talk with their customer support, they do seem to offer a return policy and you can check it out on their pretty well made website.

Nonetheless, there are quite some big issues too – one very popular SARM LGD-4033 seems to be missing and even if you do find whatever you need here – you can only order from this site if you live in Canada or USA. People living in other countries can already go and search for other SARMs merchants. We found some negative customer reviews (among few ones we managed to find online) and what’s even worse – prices are just HUGE here. Even if turns out that SARMs are good and company is legit, not sure how worth is taken in consideration you need to spend a lot of money here. Advantages

  • Lots of SARMs in liquid and capsules
  • Third Party Lab Tests we can have trust in
  • Convenient Payment Methods Disadvantages

  • Shipping only in USA and Canada
  • Claim to be headquartered in UK, despite no shipping there
  • Really big prices for SARMs

Disclaimer is not selling SARMs and is not recommending their use. In fact, the use of SARMs in humans is prohibited. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are intended for research purpose only, despite the fact that there are so many people claiming to have so good results for their physique and performance enhancement purposes. Our website is not responsible for anyone using them irresponsible. is only an informational website trying to help customers into finding trustworthy sources of SARMs and indicating those that are most likely scamming. We do not recommend the use of SARMs and we’re not having partnership with any SARMs stores.

The ultimate decision where to buy SARMs and how to use them for is up to each person, does not have control on this and cannot be held guilty for someone using SARMs irresponsible or purchasing SARMs from a source and being scammed. Website Overview


We’ve accessed the website (as mentioned, formerly and it does looks like this is a very well made website. It looks like guys working on technical part of the site (both how it works and how it appears) made a really good job.

The website layout seems to be fresh and clean, there are not too banners, nothing seems to annoy you whilst browsing their site as there is no chaotically or strangely displayed information. Also, there does not seen to be any dangerous links or anything that could expose your sensitive information to unwanted parties.

The pages reload speed is fast, a lot of useful links and many different pages are there that help you find the required information really fast and effortlessly. It also seems to be pretty easy to order here – in a matter of minutes, you can have the order placed.

At the bottom of page you can find the Terms and Conditions; Shipping Policy; Privacy Policy; Refund Policy as well as Terms and Service.

You can check the icons indicating their accepted payment methods and you may also sign up to their newsletter if you wish.


Customers are allowed to register an account and login here, however that’s not mandatory which is great as you may not want to register and place an order fast.

Nonetheless, through the website overview and usability we did noticed a few drawbacks that are not too bad, yet they are still there.


For example, on each of their page they have the messenger icon with message: “Chat With Us” suggesting they have a live chat function. However, clicking on it – nothing happens. Is strange the “non clickable” elements is there but is not working.

Another problem: SARMs are not properly displayed. They do not share all SARMs, you have to check them by “Beginner”; “Intermediate”; and “Advanced” where you can find different SARMs as well as different stacks even including compounds containing various SARMs. Nonetheless, SARMs are not all arranged together so you can find what you need faster.


Nonetheless, we still think that the website usability of is really good. You can quickly find whatever you need pretty fast, you can order here fast and find the information you need fast. There does not seem to be big problems on their site, it is secure, pleasant to eye and overall easy to browse through. Product Availability

SAF Research is a company that seems to be oriented in manufacturing and selling compounds for physique and performance enhancement purposes and taken in consideration that there are a lot of different chemicals and solutions for such needs – seem to offer a good amount of different products.

  • Except for the obvious SARMs that you can buy here, it looks like Swole AF is offering Support/ PCT products as well as Peptides (but you are redirected to another website –


It looks like they have a good amount of Peptides on their site as well as various compounds for PCT – mostly supplements and compounds containing natural products. Unfortunately there does not seem to be actual SERMs or AIs – chemicals that a lot of people running SARMs may need them.


Nonetheless, is still good that whilst you want to buy SARMs for sale from you can still find various products you can get.

As in terms of SARMs themselves, there seem to be a lot of different ones. Except for stacks and compounds containing multiple products in one (like 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 products) they seem to offer many SARMs, even including some of the hard-to-find ones.yk-11-safresearch

SARMs you can find here:

  • MK677 Ibutamoren – Nutrabol
  • MK2866 Ostarine
  • GW501516 Cardarine
  • GW0742
  • SR9009 Stenabolic
  • SR9011
  • S4 Andarine
  • AC262
  • OTR-AC
  • RAD140 Testolone
  • RAD150
  • YK11
  • S23

Despite them having so many different SARMs and so many exotic ones that can’t be found everywhere – they still seem to miss one very popular SARM – LGD4033 Ligandrol. To be honest, we find it strange they offer so many hard to find SARMs, yet they don’t have the very popular one.


rad-140-safresearchNonetheless, the missing LGD-4033 Ligandrol (and maybe SERMs and AIs) seem to be the only problem when talking about the product availability at SAF Research. They seem to offer lots of different SARMs and different compounds.

We also love the fact that they are offering compounds in form of liquid or capsules. There is no powder form, but at least there’s liquid and capsules – the most popular and sought-after version of SARMs.

We also love the branding of compounds. Both liquids and bottles with capsules are all black with the white description and SAF logo, making them all look very good and professional! Each compound seems to have important information on the back of the bottle, which is great!

In the end, we think that product availability at Swole AF company is great. Customers have high chances they would find whatever they are searching for at SAF Research, or at least, higher chances compared to many other SARMs sources. SARMs Prices

As it was earlier mentioned, SAF-Research (formerly Swole AF) seems to offer many different compounds for bodybuilders and athletes required for physique and performance enhancement. Nonetheless, it does looks like they are mostly oriented in manufacturing and selling SARMs specifically, plus we’re reviewing SARMs mostly, this is the reason why we are going to pay a closer attention to prices for SARMs mostly. Based on those prices, we would assume that all other chemicals are in the same price range.

So well, as usually, in order to determine if prices for SARMs at are worth it or not, we are taking in consideration various factors. We determine the amount of ml/ capsules per bottle, the amount of SARM per ml/ capsule and the overall price. This way we determine the total price for the total amount in mg of a SARM. Then this is compared to other SARMs vendors’ prices.

As much as it looks like, all their liquid SARMs come in bottles of 30 ml and different amount of SARMs per ml whilst the bottles with capsules are different containing either 60 or 90 capsules per bottle.


The price for the compound remains the same regardless if you choose capsules or liquid.

What shocked us is the price that’s no less than $100 per bottle, regardless of the SARM you choose. Most of them are in the range of 105-115 USD per bottle.

  • For example, there’s Ostarine MK-2866 priced $ 105 containing 60 capsules (or 30 ml liquid) and containing 25 mg per ml or 25 mg per 2 capsules. It means you spend $ 105 for 750 mg regardless either you get it in capsules or liquid form.
  • Another example: Cardarine GW-501516 priced $ 110 containing 60 capsules (or 30 ml liquid) and containing 20 mg per ml or 20 mg per 2 capsules. It means you spend $ 110 for 600 mg regardless either you get it in capsules or liquid form.
  • One more example: SR-9009 priced $ 110 contains 90 capsules (or 30 ml liquid), however it contains 20 mg per ml or 20 mg per 3 capsules. Therefore, you spend $ 110 for 600 mg regardless either you get it in capsules or liquid form.


To be honest, there are huge prices. In fact, is quite accurate to say that these are some of the highest prices we’ve ever seen doing research about SARMs vendors. We think that buying SARMs from other SARMs vendors than you’re capable to save a lot of money. Coupon Codes and Discounts

When checking for coupon codes or other ways to save money at we realized why they have such high prices – they doubled up the price then they offered a coupon code “BOGO” which allows you to buy 1 and get 1 for free. Therefore, all their prices are in half, yet they kind of “force” you to buy at least 2 products.


Even with buy 1 and get 1 for free coupon code – you still pay extra money, plus you need to buy 2 bottles. Third Party Lab Tests Results

On their main page, we saw the claim that SAF-Research is doing third party lab tests on all their products. Luckily, there’s a clickable element where you are redirected to a page full of Third Party lab Test results conducted by S&N Labs on various different SARMs indicating the compound tested and its Chromatographic purity (% are) from 94.4 up to 99.9.

We also checked the dates and it looks like none of them is older than a year whilst there are some being conducted less than 2 months ago.


So, we have trust in the report of analysis conducted by third party laboratories which were made recently and that’s why we think there’s a high chance you would find the SARMs from to be of a high quality. At least, that’s what it looks like from COA’s shared.

SAF Research Shipping and Return Policy

Taken in consideration there’s a “shipping policy” page, is quite obvious that’s what we checked. We were highly disappointed to see that there’s absolutely nothing else than just the short message:

Items ship within 1 business day.

That’s it.


There’s also the “refund policy” page where you can find more information, yet still not very informative.

They claim that policy lasts 30 days and items should be in the original packaging, unused and unopened in same condition it was received.

Either you get a full refund – is unknown.


We got to checkout page to find out more information where we found out that they seem to ship items only in 2 countries: United States and Canada. Shipping in US seems to start at 9.99 USD in 3 shipping options:

country-ship-safresearch shipping-options-safresearch

  • Express Shipping 3 - 7 Business Days (Estimate) at $9.99 USD
  • UPS® Ground at $10.23 USD
  • USPS Priority Mail 1 - 5 Business Days (Estimate) at $11.99 USD claims to offer free domestic shipping on orders of $175!


However, shipping to a random address in Ontario, Canada, is priced 28.58 USD.

We find it extremely strange a company based in London, UK to offer shipping only in USA and Canada.

All in all, shipping policy is good for USA with free shipping, normal shipping fees and free shipping option. Shipping in Canada is only one and high priced whilst shipping anywhere else in the world is simply non existent. They also have a refund policy which is good, but other information should be mentioned.

That’s why shipping and refund policies are mediocre at best, to our opinion. Is worth it only if you’re in USA and that’s assuming you get a full refund of money in case something is wrong with the products. Payment Options


As said, at the bottom of the pages you can find different icons indicating the payment methods they accept. It looks like they offer: American Express; Bitcoin; Discover; MasterCard and Visa.

To check this out we did found out that all of these payment methods are available here at SAF Research plus they are accepting Zelle, afterpay as well as affirm.

As much as it looks like, most customers who might want to do business with this SARMs merchant has high chances to find whatever payment methods they love.

We think that’s very important because often, customers may find it inconvenient to pay for their required goods, especially in the industry of SARMs. Luckily, does not seem to have any issues here. Customer Support Team

On their website, you can find tiny icons with Facebook and Instagram logos – they can be clicked and redirected on their social media pages. We can assume there you can find various updates about this vendor and hopefully you can talk with their customer support team too.


To find out more information about methods to talk with the customer support we checked the “Contact Us” page where you can write an email through the online form, call them by a phone number within their business hours shared on the site as well as write a mail if you wish to their address in London.


Remember there’s the “live chat” element too, but it doesn’t work for whatever the reason.

Is quite obvious that if there would be the live chat – it would be perfect. But even without it, that’s still fairly good as there seem to be enough methods allowing customers to get in touch with this SARMs source whenever they have questions. Customer Reviews

By researching for customer reviews online it seems like they have most of the reviews on their Facebook page. There is a customer discussion on reddit about this company too and other than that, we couldn’t find reviews.

It seems like most of the reviews are positive, luckily. There are still a few negative reviews about Swole AF Labs (seemingly, they only recently changed their name) but it still seems like most of the reviews are positive which is a good thing, obviously.


According to the opinion of 93 people writing reviews on their Facebook page, they have a rate of 4.6 stars out of 5.

In the end, we think that’s all pretty good. Conclusion

SAF Research seems to be a legit company that is based in UK, London, but we find it pretty strange and there are numerous reasons why. SAF Research is manufacturer and seller of SARMs (as well as other compounds) in form of liquid and capsules. They have changed their company and branding name from Swole AF to SAF Research.

This company seems to be oriented in selling compounds for physique and performance enhancement purposes and they seem to offer many products strangely named (with various slangs such as OH F**K and others). There are many advantages but there are disadvantages too. Overall, as said we find it strange. Not only their name and their products’ name are strange, but other things too.

Such as – legit company with lots of positive reviews, but they are charging a huge price for compounds. They are based in London, even shared the registration number, yet they ship only in Canada and USA. Positives

Good looking website; good amount of products you can choose from; third party lab tests we can have trust in; good amount of payment options; 30 days for returning products; good methods to get in touch with customer support; good amount of positive customer reviews. Negatives

Some elements on their website are not working, some information is missing; they do not offer a popular SARM and other compounds that may be of your interest; they are offering some of the most expensive SARMs we’ve seen; not all products are 3rd party tested; shipping only in USA and Canada (high shipping fee in Canada) and a few negative reviews about them.


We can’t recommend to our customers mainly because of the prices. There are sources of SARMs that are offering way cheaper prices despite them offering actually high quality compounds. Plus to that, if you live somewhere else than USA or Canada – you can’t buy anything here. We recommend to check the list of top rated SARMs stores here – this way you have higher chances to find the perfect store for your needs.

  • PS: We would really appreciate if you could share your experience with SAF Research (or with formerly Swole AF) company here to let others know what is like to do business with them. Reviews

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Customer Support & Ordering Process

I have made several orders and gotten them all. Started with YK-11 and it got my rat past his plateau I’m body weight with just a small amount of test. Was very very surprised considering I have put him on very heavy cycles and still cldnt get past this site. I’ve heard some bad reviews but from my experiences and the few other scientists I have put on this site all of their rats are getting huge.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

A few days and had tracking

Products Ordered

Yk-11, IGF-1 l3R, 7 and 1 super Sarms

Product Effects

Gained about 12 lbs in 6 weeks. Not a ton of strength gain and did have some joint pain but that was expected. Didn’t get it tested so can’t verify the strength or concentration nut it def worked. Was using 30 mgs a day of Yk-11. And just starting the IGF-1 now.


I recommend this supplier

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Yes, I do!
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(Updated: November 30, -1)

Customer Support & Ordering Process

Customer support is totally non existent. I ordered two vials of the peptides and received empty vials. Emailed Customer support and was totally ignored.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging


Products Ordered

Peptides 2 vials

Product Effects

I have no idea how the product works I didn't receive it.


Terrible, fraudulent company.

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No, I do not!
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(Updated: November 30, -1)


my review is for the price. I had two options on my total either 65% off or Summer BOGO. my total was well over 400$ and with the 65% off I paid OTD 166% and bought two bottles of RAD 150 , S4, and a touted in cycle therapy bottle. The price cant be beat anywhere else i shopped, especially for the RAD 150. Unfortunately DADBOD 2.0 had very negative reviews for SARMS he bought like two years ago. They didn't work or have the effect they were advertised as having. So for now the price is fantastic, but the efficacy is worrisome, I think I am allowed to return them if they don't work. All for the cost, so we shall see.

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Yes, I do!
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