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Customer Support & Ordering Process

great. easy ordering process. customer support was informative. always responds to messages within hours

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

professional packaging with extremely fast delivery of 2 days. to be honest, i was shocked to see such a fast delivery

Products Ordered

i ordered:
MK-677 - Ibutamoren
LGD-4033 - Ligandrol
great bulking stack

Product Effects

started to use all 3 SARMs combined for my bulking plan. it was an 8 weeks cycle long which made awesome effects. despite the fact that I'm not a beginner with SARMs (usually, further cycles are less effective than the first ones) - the gains were awesome. everyone around said that I'm on roids (although I've never done them, only SARMs).
After the 8 weeks cycle mixed with these 3 compounds, I got through the PCT, also from this source of SARMs and I managed to keep my gains.
15-20 lbs of pure muscles. My bench increased 320 to 350. deadlift 500 to 550. awesome results.


Definitely recommending for their fast delivery, professionalism, and awesome products. The prices are extremely good. Thanks to those prices I switched the source. Turns out SARMs are even more potent! Double win for me!

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Yes, I do!
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