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SarmsAmerica is an online store and a manufacturer of SARMs in form of capsules that is selling them internationally and from as much as we can guess from the company’s name – this company is located in USA. You can buy SARMs for sale both as individual bottles here as well as stacks made for different needs such as athletic performance, fat burning, muscle building, PCT etc. allowing you to save money on these stacks.

Despite them claiming to be located in USA manufacturing SARMs and testing by third party laboratories, we were not able to find the exact address of this company meaning they are avoiding to share their exact address, for whatever the reason. is having a lot of different claims and promises which we hope are true. In this SARMs America Review we would try to find out as much as possible about this company, their promises and offers.

  • We are an informational website that is writing honest reviews about stores claiming to offer SARMs for sale and with this being said, we’ve got to mention that is not an affiliate of

This is an online supplier of SARMs that is offering shipping all over the world as well as fast dispatch (orders placed before 2 PM local time are dispatched same day, as much as they claim). Doing some more research we managed to find out that Sarms America is accepting credit cards as payment methods all along with customer support that can be found at a phone number, email or contact form.

Despite SARMs being used only for the purpose of research, is clear to understand that is offering them for customers intended to use them for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

In the end, they are claiming to quickly become the most reputable SARMs supplier in the entire world because of their dedication in offering the best purity ingredients, because of their commitment as well as because of their care of customers. Therefore they claim that SarmsAmerica is one of the worlds most trusted SARMs supplier’s. is also claiming to offer American raws, compounded in MCT oil made in the USA and highest quality SARMs with 99% purity as they are scientifically trialed and tested.

All of this does makes them look really good from the first sight, but we’ve got to check much more before making a conclusion. Here’s what we would talk about when reviewing Sarms America: Website Usability; Product Availability; SARMs prices; Third Party Lab Tests; Payment Options; Shipping and Return Policies; Customer Support as well as Customer Reviews and some other factors.

Sarms America Summary


After a quick research about we’ve already noticed some of the biggest advantages of this SARMs supplier, but we’ve also managed to find different disadvantages too. We do appreciate if the SARMs are indeed made in USA as they claim and if they are having a purity of no less than 99%.

We love that they are offering shipping all over the world meaning that everyone can buy SARMs here, we loved that everyone is free to buy SARMs in form of capsules which is very convenient and plus, potential customers can pay for them with credit cards.

But on the other hand, we do not really love that they are only claiming to offer 99% purity Sarms, but there are no COA’s that might prove it. Plus to everything, we’ve managed to notice that they are having some really high prices for their SARMs. Their branding looks pretty good, but there are many disadvantages that can’t help us recommend to our readers. Advantages

  • Really good looking branding of SARMs made in USA
  • Credit cards accepted with worldwide shipping
  • Good looking website with phone number shared Disadvantages

  • 8 different SARMs is all you can buy here
  • There are no Certificate of Analysis present
  • Overpriced SARMs compared to most other sources

Disclaimer is not selling SARMs and is not recommending their use. In fact, the use of SARMs in humans is prohibited. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are intended for research purpose only, despite the fact that there are so many people claiming to have so good results for their physique and performance enhancement purposes. Our website is not responsible for anyone using them irresponsible. is only an informational website trying to help customers into finding trustworthy sources of SARMs and indicating those that are most likely scamming. We do not recommend the use of SARMs and we’re not having partnership with any SARMs stores.

The ultimate decision where to buy SARMs and how to use them for is up to each person, does not have control on this and cannot be held guilty for someone using SARMs irresponsible or purchasing SARMs from a source and being scammed. Website Usability


We really appreciated the usability and navigation of website because this is a very well made site overall. The site design is very good making it very pleasant to browse and navigate. You can very easily browse it finding whatever pages or information you need.

The loading speed of pages is very fast and according to as much as we noticed – you can securely browse their site as there are no dangerous links that may put your anonymity or personal information at risk. Simple to use and overall good design allows you to find all the required information fast.

There doesn’t seem to be any page missing such as Contact Us, About Us, FAQ, Shipping etc.

On their main page you can find a lot of valuable information and if you need something more, you can browse through their pages – what we did and found everything we needed in a matter of minutes.

  • In short, you can find all you need super fast and in case you need to buy as fast as possible, the website allows you this.currency-sarmsamerica

You can register here, but is not mandatory as you can buy without a registration.

Another thing that we noticed and we really appreciate: since is offering worldwide shipping and customers may use different currencies than USD ($) – you are allowed to switch the currency on the website according to your needs as they offer some of the most popularly used currencies.

On the bottom of their site you can also notice the shipping companies they use, the credit cards they use, links to their Facebook and Instagram accounts and what we paid attention to – “©Copyright 2018 by Sarmsamerica. All Rights Reserved.” This makes us wonder if this company is in business for the last 3 years.


In the end, talking about the website usability of we can say that this is a very well site without drawbacks. Ordering, learning and finding everything you need is very easy, fast and securely. Product Availability


You can shop the products required either as

  • Individual SARMS;
  • SARMS stacks;
  • Muscle building
  • Fat burning
  • Athletic performance
  • Post comp – PCT
  • All products

However, doing a bit of research it seems like all items sold on their site can be found at Individual SARMs because all the rest is displaying on stacks (made from SARMS found at individual SARMs category) or only certain SARMs that also are found at Individual SARMs category.

With this being said, we managed to find that they are offering 8 different SARMs, all coming in form of capsules in bottle of 60 capsules.


The following SARMs for sale can be obtained:

  • MK2866
  • RAD140
  • GW501516
  • LGD4033
  • MK677
  • SR9009
  • YK11
  • S4

We were disappointed to see that even in PCT category, there are still SARMs. With this being said, you can’t buy anything else than 8 encapsulated SARMs from

Although we are reviewing SARMs suppliers, is nice when a supplier offers other compounds too, especially PCT compounds including many others, products that many SARMs buyers might require for their research purposes or for their cycles. Sarms America doesn’t seem to offer anything else.


We do appreciate they are offering a range of SARMs as capsules because not every SARMs vendor offers capsules and we do appreciate they offer 8 top popular SARMs, compounds that are trusted with proven results. We also like that they are offering compounds as stacks for different needs all along with great branding of compounds with black bottles featuring black and blue accented labels. The bottles does look professionally made.

  • Nonetheless, we do not love that they are not offering anything else than just SARMs, we would appreciate more if they would offer more variety and options by including powders and liquids SARMs and also, we couldn’t find the popular SARM S23.

We think there’s a lot that can be improved when talking about product availability of SARMs Prices

Is very nice to know that you’re about to buy SARMs for sale without overpaying for your items and that’s what Sarms America claims you can do when doing business with them. We’ve checked their SARMs prices and according to our knowledge and experience – you CAN’T actually buy SARMs for sale here.

That’s because SARMs prices at are pretty overpriced. We can’t recommend our readers buying SARMs here knowing that they need to overpay for products.

  • All SARMs here come in bottles of 60 capsules (different dosages of specific SARMs) and all SARMs are priced 84.95 USD except for RAD14 priced 89.95 USD. Sarms America claims that they are already offering 20% discount for their SARMs as they used to be even more expensive.


However, this is still a very big price. We know SARMs vendors offering similar dosages for SARMs, but offering them for cheaper prices whilst offering more capsules per bottle.

We appreciate that offers discount codes (which we guess you can get them after your first order), discounts for SARMs, free shipping method when purchasing more bottles per order as well as saving money when purchasing SARMs in stacks. Nonetheless, all of this is just not enough to say that SARMs prices at this merchant are good.

We honestly think that SARMs prices at are overpriced by at least 50% compared to other sources. They may be quality SARMs – but they are just too pricey. Third Party Lab Tests Results

According to as much as we noticed on their website, prides themselves with the best quality SARMs. They claim to offer a 99% purity of products and they even mention that unlike most of their competitors, they are offering the best SARMs products on the market, offering healthiest SARMs manufactured in America.

They claim that all Sarms America products are 100% pharmaceutical grade products HPLC batch tested for quality. Their batches are started the process of delivery after being approved by THEIR testing department and that’s how they guarantee that quality of their products is 100%!

The reason we highlighted THERE is because they claim to test their products for quality in their own department, and the test results are not shared on the site.

Nonetheless, is important for us to get THIRD PARTY laboratory tests results because tests conducted by company itself might not be fair.

  • In whatever the case, there’s no COAs shared on their entire site and therefore, there’s no way you can view a certificate of analysis for any of their compounds.

We honestly can’t rely on the word of the manufacturer itself in the industry of SARMs, simply because risks are too high and scammers are too much. There’s no way to prove that they are offering actual pure SARMs that are not fake or bunk.

We don’t think is wise to buy SARMs for sale from merchants that do not offer lab testing results from third party companies.

  • SARMs are very commonly faked by too many companies and there’s no way you can check if offers best quality SARMs unless buying them and getting to a test yourself which makes you lose money, risk with money and wait for the products and then the results.

Sarms America Shipping and Return Policy

In order to find more information about shipping we checked the shipping and FAQ page where we noticed they claim that all orders are sent from USA and all orders are processed and packaged the same day of ordering, unless ordering after 2 PM or on weekends. They claim that orders in USA and Canada takes about 3 business days and International orders are sent via UPS taking 4-10 business days to arrive.shipping-sarmsamerica

Costs at customs and duties should be paid by the customer. If the items doesn’t go through customs – is buyers responsibility so they do not refund.

We are unsure how trustworthy is the refund and return policy taken in consideration they are sharing the list of non returnable items which none of them are sold here (nothing else can be found except for SARMs).

Plus, they claim that returns are sent in Laval Quebec, Canada which is then again strange, taken in consideration they claim Sarms America is located in USA and makes SARMs in USA. Plus, it seems like they do not accept returns for sale items, but they claim that all items are on sale. All of this makes us wonder if they have any return and refund policy at all.

Lately, they do seem to offer international shipping (we’ve selected random countries) with shipping fees between 20 and 40 USD depending on shipping method and there are 2 shipping methods in USA:

  • USPS STANDARD (3-5 business days) - $9.99
  • XPRESS POST (2-3 business days) $14.99


Whilst the shipping policy seems to be fine, the return policy is really strange, or at least, it makes us wonder if they do actually have a return and refund policy at all.

Sarms America Payment Options

According to their FAQ page, is accepting various credit cards. Same thing can be noticed on the bottom of their pages as there are icons indicating they accept various credit cards. For checking it out, we’ve accessed their checkout page were we noticed they accept:

  • Square - credit cards accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.
  • X Interac E-Transfer – electronic transfer option for Canadian customers only.


With this being said, that’s very good that customers can pay through credit cards as this is by far the most widely used form of online payments so far that is used by most customers, plus, not all SARMs vendors accept credit cards.

  • However, only Canadian customers have the possibility to pay with other options except for credit cards and that’s what we don’t really like because despite credit cards remaining most popular, a lot of customers may find other forms of payment more convenient for their needs.

Sarms America Customer Support Team

We have checked the contact page for finding out what are the methods to get in touch with this company and we’ve noticed is offering: online form, email as well as phone number at 1(855) 553-3757.

They do not share the exact address of company, but on the refund page, we noticed the Canadian address, but we’re unsure if that’s the Sarms America’s company address since, as said, the refund policy looks overall strange, plus they claim to be located in USA.

On the contact page, we also noticed the “Facebook Messenger” icon and by clicking on it, you are redirected to Messenger where you can write a message to their Facebook page. Hopefully, someone answers your questions by using this method. They also have an Instagram account too.


All in all, the methods to get in touch with does seem to be pretty good as there seem to be ways how you could get instant answers if you need some. Customer Reviews

On own website you can find a “Reviews” page where you can find about 10-20 different reviews, with no dates and all written in same manner rating the company’s products with 5 stars.

With this being said, high chances that those reviews are fake. Is not uncommon for SARMs merchants to have fake / paid reviews to attract customers, is just the fact that we do not love such attitude towards actual customers.


We’ve been doing research about customer reviews about on third party websites and unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reviews. All we found is some people mentioning this SARMs store and also asking questions in how trustworthy they are, but with no actual responses or reviews.

We honestly find is very strange that a company claiming to be so popular and offering such amazing SARMs products that was in SARMs business for at least 3 years, has no customer reviews. It makes us wonder if there’s something wrong with the source that nobody writes reviews about it.

We’re honestly turned off to see fake customer reviews on their own website because in a way or another, they are lying to their customers and there are no customer reviews on third party websites. Conclusion claims to be an USA based manufacturer and seller of SARMs but is claiming to return items in Canada, and that’s very strange. They claim to offer amazing quality SARMs of 99% purity and more, but there are no COA’s that can prove this.

They are offering worldwide shipping and accepting credit cards when customers want to buy SARMs for sale, but the problem is that SARMs are not actually for sale because prices are pretty high. In short, Sarms America seems to be like a really good SARMs store at first sight, but there are real problems discovered through our review. Positives

Sarms America is having a very good website and very good branding of products and that’s what mainly makes you think they are legit, especially since they claim to offer best quality SARMs made in USA. They accept credit cards and offer worldwide shipping for SARMs that can be purchased as stacks to save money. This SARMs vendor offers 8 popular SARMs as capsules and in case you’re going to have some questions to ask about them or anything else earlier mentioned, they claim to be accessible at the shared phone number or social media pages. Negatives

The real problems about Sarms America is the fact that the SARMs prices are really high here and in addition to that – they are not offering any third party lab tests results, leaving us wondering if the quality for those encapsulated SARMs are indeed as high as claimed or they are selling bunk compounds. They do not accept anything else except for credit cards as payment options (except for e-checks for Canadian customers) and a very strange return policy leaving us wonder if they have any return and refund policy at all. They do not offer anything else except for SARMs in capsules and in addition to that – except for some reviews on their own website that are most likely fake, we couldn’t find any customer reviews anywhere online.


Is not a good idea to buy SARMs from a company without COA, especially when the prices are high. Mainly due to these 2 reasons we cannot recommend to our readers – both the risks and the prices are too high. In order to find sources to buy best SARMs for sale at the best prices, check out the top SARMs suppliers here. You have way bigger chances to find out whatever you’re looking for through that list.

  • PS: Sarms America seriously lacks customer reviews. If you have ever used this company to buy SARMs and used their products, please leave a comment below. We honestly want to hear more from you about your experience with this SARMs store. Reviews

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